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    Wait, are we talking about the same thing here? Are you using onscreen controls, or are you trying to use a real mouse with Magic Dosbox?
    Because the touch controls are working 100% on my device.

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    Try this config.
    It’s a very basic layout, no expert settings. I only changed the most necessary values: cycles are set to 5000, at higher values (e.g. 10000), the Soundblaster card (set to sb2) isn’t detected anymore. I didn’t touch any other settings.

    I’ve set both double tap and 2nd finger tap as right mouse button, and it’s all working fine for me. You can also swipe left/right for [Esc], and up/down to display/hide the keyboard.

    I’ll upload this layout to the .mgc section of the forum, too.

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    If you want to configure your mouse options, press the “back” button on your device once mDosbox has started, to access the General settings. Then press “Gestures” and tick all the mouse tap gestures you’d like to use to control the right mouse button. You can chose either one or all of them: double tap, two point (2nd finger) tap, and long press. Confirm your choice, and everything should work fine.
    Remember to save your changes before you exit the game (hit “back” button once again, tap “Save”)!

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    Glad you got it solved (man, email noification is working nicely now! ?)

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    OK, seems the issue is related to memsize. Set mem=16 or 32, this should fix it.

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    Try this config. It’s working for me, both with MT32 and Soundblaster music.
    You’ll have to adjust the mounting in expert commands to match your device’s file system & game location.
    Seems like something in the standard UI settings prevents the game from loading, I get a black screen after the intro & menu. It only works with expert settings.

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    Strange, it’s working for me, both with the original German CD version and the “archived” (ahem…) version behind your link. Which, being an iso image, is “original” at least in a technical sense, too. 😉
    Does the crash occur immediately, or do I have to play for a while?

    Anyway, try this config file. It’s very basic, only Dpad and Enter key to head into the game.

    Things you must do:
    1. configure MIDI source. I’m using SGM V2.01.sf2 soundfont, renamed to SGM-V2.01.sf2, because ykhwong’s build doesn’t support spaces in file names (mDosbox does, though ?). It’s easily the best sounding sound font IMHO, especially in Warcraft 2.
    2. configure the mountings. My Note 4 has that strange “0000-0000” for extSdCard since the Marshmallow upgrade, and you’ll need to point both c and d drive to the right place on your device.
    3. I forgot to adjust the mouse, too: set Adcanved settings -> Manual correction -> Enabled, 640×200 (don’t ask me why, but this seems to work).

    Hope this helps. If not, keep posting. It shouldn’t be a matter of your settings, at least if you use my config, because everything’s fine here. Btw, the error log can be created (I think) by ticking “Enable debugging” in Global Settings (at the bottom of the menu).

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    Al ex

    That’s pretty impressive. 🙂

    I certainly can’t keep up with your list, but if you consider emulators as apps instead of games, I can claim to have CCS64 up and running at full speed – making it my C64 emulator of choice on Android because of Magic Dosbox’s superior control scheme.

    I’ve also run several graphic demos successfully, the most popular probably Second Reality; and Windows 3.11 as well as Windows 95. The latter again for gaming (Diablo, Starcraft, etc), but of course it also runs MS Paint, Wordpad etc. nicely. So I’m pretty sure it would be easily possible to install and run Word or Excel.

    Oh yes, and Dr. Sbaitso. ?

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    Enslaved is right. The “expert settings” are actually nothing more than the dosbox.conf file. Head to the “autoexec” section at the bottom and place your autoexec commands there. Be aware that you’ll have to configure everything else (mounting, sound, cycles, etc) through expert settings, too. The Magic Dosbox UI settings will be overridden by expert settings!

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    Al ex

    AD&D rpg games:
    ° Champions of Krynn
    ° Death Knights of Krynn
    ° Dark Queen of Krynn
    ° Curse of the Azure Bonds
    ° Secret of the Silver Blades
    ° Pools of Darkness
    ° Gateway to the Savage Frontier
    ° Treasures of the Savage Frontier
    ° Eye of the Beholder 1-3

    CCS64 (C64 emulator)
    Crusader – No Remorse
    Crusader – No Regret
    Indianapolis 500
    King’s Quest 1-7
    Links 386 Pro
    Lucasarts Adventures:
    ° Day of the Tentacle
    ° Indiana Jones 3
    ° Indiana Jones 4
    ° Loom
    ° Maniac Mansion
    ° Monkey Island 1&2
    ° Sam & Max

    Mechwarrior 1&2
    Pirates! Gold
    Space Quest 1-5
    Strike Commander
    Wing Commander 1-4
    Wing Commander Privateer 1&2

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    Or upload (post link to) a savegame file right before the crash?

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    I’ve got an iPega 9025, and it’s working without any issues. I can map every key/action to any gamepad button.
    Only thing I can think of atm: the dpad and both analog sticks are supported, but not all of them at once. The analog stick is recognized as dpad, so it’s possible to override a previous dpad configuration by configuring the analog stick afterwards.
    Or do you perhaps have some sort of gamepad control app that needs to be configured?

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    Al ex

    IMHO, it’s unlikely it’s a problem with this port. Two questions: (1) have you tried it with a different port on a PC, e.g. ykhwong’s build? And (2) are you using your own cd image from an original cd? Because downloaded versions are often unstable or incomplete, and make troubleshooting almost impossible.


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    Are you sure it’s MS-DOS you’re talking about? AFAIK remember, at least MS-DOS 5.0 and 6.x were unable to handle directory or files with more than 8 characters. And even the original PC version of Dosbox acts the same.

    And the easiest workaround would be to rename /dos_games to /dosgames. ?

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