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    That’s pretty impressive. 🙂

    I certainly can’t keep up with your list, but if you consider emulators as apps instead of games, I can claim to have CCS64 up and running at full speed – making it my C64 emulator of choice on Android because of Magic Dosbox’s superior control scheme.

    I’ve also run several graphic demos successfully, the most popular probably Second Reality; and Windows 3.11 as well as Windows 95. The latter again for gaming (Diablo, Starcraft, etc), but of course it also runs MS Paint, Wordpad etc. nicely. So I’m pretty sure it would be easily possible to install and run Word or Excel.

    Oh yes, and Dr. Sbaitso. ?

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    Enslaved is right. The “expert settings” are actually nothing more than the dosbox.conf file. Head to the “autoexec” section at the bottom and place your autoexec commands there. Be aware that you’ll have to configure everything else (mounting, sound, cycles, etc) through expert settings, too. The Magic Dosbox UI settings will be overridden by expert settings!

    in reply to: List of supported MS-DOS Games #3588
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    AD&D rpg games:
    ° Champions of Krynn
    ° Death Knights of Krynn
    ° Dark Queen of Krynn
    ° Curse of the Azure Bonds
    ° Secret of the Silver Blades
    ° Pools of Darkness
    ° Gateway to the Savage Frontier
    ° Treasures of the Savage Frontier
    ° Eye of the Beholder 1-3

    CCS64 (C64 emulator)
    Crusader – No Remorse
    Crusader – No Regret
    Indianapolis 500
    King’s Quest 1-7
    Links 386 Pro
    Lucasarts Adventures:
    ° Day of the Tentacle
    ° Indiana Jones 3
    ° Indiana Jones 4
    ° Loom
    ° Maniac Mansion
    ° Monkey Island 1&2
    ° Sam & Max

    Mechwarrior 1&2
    Pirates! Gold
    Space Quest 1-5
    Strike Commander
    Wing Commander 1-4
    Wing Commander Privateer 1&2

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    Or upload (post link to) a savegame file right before the crash?

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    Al ex

    I’ve got an iPega 9025, and it’s working without any issues. I can map every key/action to any gamepad button.
    Only thing I can think of atm: the dpad and both analog sticks are supported, but not all of them at once. The analog stick is recognized as dpad, so it’s possible to override a previous dpad configuration by configuring the analog stick afterwards.
    Or do you perhaps have some sort of gamepad control app that needs to be configured?

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    IMHO, it’s unlikely it’s a problem with this port. Two questions: (1) have you tried it with a different port on a PC, e.g. ykhwong’s build? And (2) are you using your own cd image from an original cd? Because downloaded versions are often unstable or incomplete, and make troubleshooting almost impossible.


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    Are you sure it’s MS-DOS you’re talking about? AFAIK remember, at least MS-DOS 5.0 and 6.x were unable to handle directory or files with more than 8 characters. And even the original PC version of Dosbox acts the same.

    And the easiest workaround would be to rename /dos_games to /dosgames. ?

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    in reply to: It's a great program, however #3549
    Al ex

    I bet it’s Clean Master… at least it’s the most popular cleaning app, and Cheetah do a lot to advertise this placebo crapware. The UI has lots of snappy animations, with turning wheels and launching rockets, but in effect, it does not make anything run any faster. It only deletes some random files and folders, and terminates some apps. So 95% of its “functionality” is pulling a show.

    kalistan, if you’re looking for an efficient way to clean your phone, install Disk Usage to identify what’s clogging your sd card(s), then use its built-in delete function, or, if you need more precision, install a file manager to clean the junk manually (I’d suggest Solid Explorer or Total Commander).

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    Al ex

    It’s not Google Play, I’m pretty sure about that. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Magic Dosbox countless times through the Play Store, and this has never happened, not even once. Google Play leaves folders outside /Android/data intact, that’s why I go through my sd card’s file structure regularly to remove leftovers of uninstalled apps.
    The only thing that might make a difference is Marshmallow. My Note 4 is still on Lollipop (5.1.1). But the Google Play app is the same, so I doubt this makes a difference.
    Just imagine the consequences if it were otherwise: you uninstall a camera app, and all your photos are deleted? You uninstall your music player, and all your mp3 files are destroyed? No way such a behaviour would pass through any QA process.

    So I still believe it’s a Clean Master. It’s useless, its only purpose is to collect user data, and it’s from Cheetah Mobile – this company is evil to the bone anyway. :-p

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    Al ex

    Hard to say. Magic Dosbox itself doesn’t erase anything, not even when you uninstall the app.

    My best guess is that you’re using a cleaning tool, like e.g. Clean Master, and accidentally erased the MagicBox directory. These tools are extremely dangerous, because they tend to destroy directories they deem unnecessary. It has happened once in the past, I believe, when Cleam Master was the culprit. Therefore, MagicDosbox has a Backup function since the last update, to prevent complete data loss. That’s probably too late now for you, but a hint for the future. The backup has to be triggered manually, because the backup file can grow very large. An automated solution would probably piss of people with low internal storage. 😉

    Another possibility would be data corruption on your sd card. But that’s highly unlikely, if everything else is still working.

    On the off-chance you simply messed up your app settings: perhaps you have simply moved the default data location (check Global Settings in mDosbox). And check your internal sd drive, there should be a folder labelled “MagicBox”. inside, where your profile data is stored (in “Games/data”).

    in reply to: Save States #3465
    Al ex

    Plus, ykhwong’s build is unstable and partially broken, and some features aren’t well implemented: just compare ykhwong’s lousy, distorted MT32/GM emulation to the perfect sound output in MagicDosbox :), or the save states you mentioned: they work 90% of the time, but they also break every now and then, which can be rather frustrating. And people would get mad if they paid for an app, and then e.g. Warcraft 2 wouldn’t run – which it doesn’t in the ykhwong build. At least the one I have on my PC.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m using ykhwong’s build myself most of the time, and I think it’s really cool because of its many features, but it has some nasty bugs that simply aren’t suited for a “professional” app release.

    in reply to: Diablo (Win95) #3403
    Al ex

    Glad you like it!

    I see you have the N910C. Could you perhaps do me a favor and run the Doom shareware timedemo for me?
    It’s the most commonly used Doom benchmark (check out this database).

    You can download it here, and run it inside Dosbox with the command “doom -timedemo demo3”. It’s important to use the demo3 addition.

    I know that’s quite something to ask, but I’m not really satisfied with the Dosbox/NEON performance of my N910F’s Snapdragon chipset. It’s hardly faster than my Note 2 (Exynos), so I need some comparison scores before I decide if I’ll go for the Exynos or Snapdragon variant of the Note 6. 😉

    Thanks in advance!

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    Al ex

    Yep, mouse support is built-in. By default it uses relative mouse (sort of laptop touchpad emulation). The alternative, which I always prefer, is absolute mouse (back button -> General settings -> Mouse), which makes the mouse behave like it should on a touch device – click where you tap. Mind that absolute mouse can be off in some games/Windows95. That’s not a MagicDosbox bug, but an issue with the games.

    The mouse widget is used to emulate mouse clicks with either left, right or middle button, but you hardly ever need it. Use the Gesture option (back button -> General settings -> Gestures) to select how the mouse should behave. By default, tapping the screen will work as left mouse click. In the Gestures section, you can activate Double tap, Two point tap (tap screen with a second finger) and Longpress (keep finger on screen for a defined amount of ms), and configure each gesture to issue a specific mouse click (left, right, middle).

    You can download my Ultima 7 profile from the .mgc section:
    – tap screen = left click
    – tap & hold = hold left mouse (for dragging items around)
    – tap & hold, then tap with a second finger (Two point tap) = click & hold right button (move party)
    mind: I’ve configured the Two point tap to “Keep the mouse button down”, so you can lift the second finger after tapping, just make soure to keep the first finger down to move around.

    Sounds a bit confusing, but it’s actually quite easy to understand when you try it.

    Why didn’t I simply configure long press as right mouse button? For some games, the Long press method is indeed easier and more intuitive, but in Ultima 7, I wanted the Long press configured as default (hold left mouse button) for picking up / dragging items around.
    As an alternative, I could’ve configure Long press as right mouse button, and Two point as left mouse button with “keep mouse button down” to achieve the same.

    You see, it’s all highly configurable. A bit complicated, but you can be sure you won’t find better controls anywhere, because you can create and tweak your very own controls, so they fit with your individual needs.


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    Al ex

    You’re welcome, thanks!

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