img_dummytarget Send absolute mouse at specified location

NOTE : This widgets works only with absolute mouse.

“Find target” widget is designed for absolute mouse. You can specify new mouse cursor location and what action have to do. This widget was specially developed for using with swipes, but you can find it useful in other situation as well.

Major reason why this widget was added is screen scrolling with swipes in real-time strategies like Command & Conquer or KKND.

At beginning you have to specify target coordinates. As was said above, it works only for absolute mouse. Cursor is moved to this position and does specific action.

These actions are supported :

  • click
  • move

Click action supports all mouse buttons :

  • left
  • middle
  • right

See How to scroll screen in real-time strategy on touchscreen. I explain how to use Target widget to setup Command & Conquer or KKND screen scrolling.