Voodoo control

icon_voodoo.png Voodoo control. Support for external hardware joysticks like xbox 360 controller and similar.
Voodoo control allows you to play various games like “Jack jazz rabbit” or “Doom” with external joysticks.  When you enter this options you will see settings below.


Just under section Mappings are settings :

  • Enabled – Enable/Disable mapper
  • Add new control. You can set here command for hardware button on joystick.
  • Delete selected controls.
  • Go to additional settings. This options is available for android version 3.1 and above (API >= 12).


Version 1.0.29 allows to map additional buttons “Volume UP” and “Volume Down”.


This options is available from version 23+ and allows you to turn right or left your racing car with tilt.

  • deadzone – lesser value means better angle for tilt (faster tilt)
  • enabled up and down – tilt to up or down is not very usable, but the options exists and maybe someone will find it useful


Video guide