I want to thank everyone who ever supported this project. Special thanks to those who have contributed significantly to the Magic DOSBox development. Thank you all.


Initial work

DOSBox team and Locnet
– without their work this project could not exist.

Magic DOSBox

Laura No – for fantastic gamepad, tilt and more patches
Bruenor – me

Testing, ideas and other help

Al Ex – His never-ending enthusiasm helped to take this application far behind my imagination! He left in this application much of his personality.
M-HT – for sharing deep core DOSBox knowledge
ChrisG – for great help with various ideas, testing and sharing his fantastic layouts
Jiovial Salue – for amazing French translations, ideas and more .
Bl@ck_m@ge – for testing and great Russian translation
Mirek L – for his balanced personality which many times helped me to make better decisions.
Wiktor ┼╗arski – for a mastery in bug hunting.

And last but not least, thanks Alex, Richard, Benny, Jay,  Zen, Erik, Sean and many others for their time with testing and bringing new ideas.

Thank you!