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    Al ex

    Version 2.2

    Updated 2016-06-25

    ***This will only work with v39+ (created with pre-release beta version)!!***

    Download v2.2 from here.

    User @JitaDesWadyas added more combat controls, you can find his updated layout file here.

    v2 info:
    This is the most extensive layout I’ve created so far. It makes heavy use of “Deadly Strike” widgets along with the “Ghostly Presence” feature, to show and hide icons that would otherwise clutter the screen. At first, this was only an experiment, but by now, I have completely omitted the “Bag” widget in favour of this solution, because you can freely adjust size and position of icons, whereas with a bag, you’re far more limited (only default size, and only horizontal/vertical side by side inside the bag). It’s more complicated to set up, but it’s worth it. 🙂

    – Play in fullscreen mode!
    – Swipe left/right to trigger [Esc] key, swipe up/down to hide/show the UI (useful in menus).
    – Tapping the “Fight”, “Magic”, “Map”, Journal”, “Stats”, “Float”, and “View” icons will display a certain amount of related icons. Just take a look at the screenshots. 🙂
    – On startup (the blue Dosbox screen), all the icons will be visible for a brief time, before they are automatically hidden via the “Collapse widgets” button – a Deadly Strike widget that is automatically executed when the profile is launched.
    – Should anything get messed up (which is impossible during gameplay, but can happen when you enter edit mode to change or move icons), of if you have several different icon sets open and want to close them all at once, simply hit the “Collapse widgets” button again, and it will hide any icons that shouldn’t be visible.
    – The “Fight” button will open a set of three pre-defined Target widgets, that will save you from the hassle of doing some weird hold-right-mouse-button-screen-swiping. The fourth icon is simply configured to draw or hide your weapon.
    – The “Magic” button does basically the same, only for magic: it displays the four icons needed for spell casting.
    – Both widgets are configured to hide each other automatically. This means, that when you have the “Fight” icons displayed, and press “Magic”, the Chop/Swing/Thrust/Draw Weapon icons will vanish, so they don’t overlap with the Spellbook/Quick Spell/Cancel Spell/Magic item icons. This also works vice versa.
    – “Journal” triggers the ingame Daggerfall journal, “Notebook” activates the Magic Dosbox journal function; the Daggerfall notebook is broken IIRC.
    – Mouse control via dpad is working great, but with one drawback: if you stand in front of a door, and try to adjust your position (e.g. move backwards), it is possible to trigger the door by accident (the left click issued by MoP widgets for movement). Now, changing this completely to keyboard dpad control is not suitable, because you’d need even more onscreen buttons to control the game (Run, Sneak, Switch Cursor on/off), and movement is very clunky compared to mouse movement.
    Therefore, I’ve created a second dpad, configured to use the arrow keys for keyboard control. This dpad will automatically be hidden on game start (via “Deadly Strike” -> “Ghostly Presence” widget). While playing, you can press the “Keyb/mouse” widget below the dpad to switch between the two MoP widgets. It’s actually another Deadly Strike widget, that switches both Master of Puppet widgets – the hidden one appears, while the current one is hidden (and vice versa).
    – I’ve enabled manual mouse correction (320×200); absolute mouse is a bit off at the bottom of the screen otherwise
    – The rest is self-explanatory (I hope), just read the labels ?
    – v2.1 corrects the “Swing” Target icon. It was misconfigurated, and could cause a crash when swinging the weapon. I also set it to left hand swing, so it will serve as a fist punch in unarmed combat (all three buttons triggered a kick before)
    -v2.2 adds Strafe left/right buttons to keyboard dpad

    Default ingame screen:

    Ingame screen with Journal / Notebook widgets:

    Ingame screen in Fight mode (the four widgets being displayed around the “Fight” icon:

    Ingame screen in Magic mode (the four widgets being displayed around the “Magic” icon:

    Keyboard dpad activated (notice the slightly changed dpad design):

    All available icons (except Magic, because they can’t be displayed along with “Fight”:

    Options screen with UI (blocking part of the screen):

    Options screen with hidden UI (swipe up/down):


    Amazing! I am just playing it with beta version and your layout. This layout is masterpiece! Fantastic! Thank you

    Al ex

    Thanks a lot!
    I’ve updated the post, I had messed up the downloads – v2.2 behind the v1.2 download.
    I’ve removed v1 conpletely now, as v2 should work better even for Daggerfall’s UI mode.


    Hi, I’m new here, I tried installing game with this .mgc file but it doesn’t seem to work. I tried installing game myself without any .mgc file and it works. Can i get a .mgc file with controls only if that is possible? I think it should work. It will be very helpful. (Sorry if my English is bad)

    Al ex

    Hi, and welcome.
    My .mgc file is set up with expert settings enabled. You have two possibilites:
    1. edit expert settings, and setup the path under [autoexec], so it points to your game directory
    2. untick expert settings, and setup the game path in Magic Dosbox’s UI.

    No. 2 is probably the easier way, no. 1 is a bit more optimized for performance, because I tweaked some settings there.

    Just try it out. If it doesn’t work, we’ll troubleshoot more deeply.



    How did you get it work, through gui settings or you use expert settings?


    It works now. Thanks.


    Can one tell me how to import the msc file you made into my copy of daggerfall on android? I know where the “import widgets” button is located, but once i press that I do not see the .msc file I put on the device.

    The video tutorial for importing widgets doesn’t explain how to do it very clearly.

    Al ex

    Simple: press the orange + sign on the left, then “Import profile”, and navigate to where you downloaded the .mgc file.


    I imported the profile and edited the path associations to reflect my install of Daggerfall on the tablet. When I run the game however, the dosbox logo appears, and then I get booted back to Android’s list of apps that I have installed. Am I doing something wrong with the configuration?


    HI, I think Alex setups expert settings and at the end he usually adds “exit”. If are paths in expert settings set incorrectly then dosbox starts and immediatelly quits:)

    You have two choices, first disable expert settings and setup GUI, or fix paths in expert settings


    This layout is a piece of genius, thanks so much for creating it! It enables a really great experience of Elder Scrolls Daggerfall on my mobile… It was difficult to improve on it, but I did add a QuickSave button (single keypress to save game to first slot) using a Deadly Strike widget. If you’re interested, the sequence is: Send key [esc], Target [Click(L) [373,265]], Target [Click(L), [427,34]], Send key [enter].

    Al ex

    Thank you very much. ?
    Great idea you had there, feel free to post a link to your layout if you like. ?


    Hello, I edited the layout of this mgc file and I added a Swing button at the combat for do a swing by right to left, and when I press the sword,I trigger the mouse/keyboard button and then I can move when I’m attacking, and when i want to save, I press a special button and I can write something on it, It isn’t much, but make the gameplay faster, You can update the file with that ?

    Al ex

    Very neat. You can post a link to your .mgc file here if you like. I created the icon set myself, but I don’t claim any particular copyright. 😉

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