General settings

General settings is another options that can help to you improve playability of the game. This options is available when you start adventure and hit back button or menu.

These options are available :

  • Add virtual buttons – enters design mode which offers rich set of virtual buttons
  • Special keys – quick access to special keys
  • Adjust screen
  • Filter – graphics shaders
  • Frame skip
  • Power / Cycles – manual speed adjustment, must be enabled in game profile
  • Save state / Load state – available for svn core
  • Gestures
  • Mouse – mouse options
  • Screenshot – Print-screen of current scene. Useful in various games if is necessary to record visual game information. Image is saved to gallery. Handy for bundling with .mgc game profiles that you want to share with others.
  • Gallery – gallery of screenshots
  • Advanced Settings – special options
  • Input method – pick another android keyboard
  • Swap Image – Switch to next the next queued CD image. This is useful when game requires multiple CDs
  • Voodoo Control / Gamepad & Tilt
  • Assign Players – Switches gamepads between players when multiplayer is turned ON
  • Hide widgets – Hides all widgets on the screen. It shows widgets if they are already hidden. Similar functionality can also be done using the “Special” widget.
  • Loopers – Loopers allow cycling over defined set of keys. In general settings we setup their definition, then there are special controls what moves to next or previous key. Loopers can be controlled with gamepad or with special widget – Looper widget (which can be in addition bound to swipes).
  • Runecrafting / Fonts – custom fonts for widget’s styling
  • Help