Deadly strike / Combo

img_magicanvil In other words macro what allows fire multiple actions at once.

Unlike other widgets, deadly strike is started on finger UP event. Finger down does nothing and can’t because deadly strike is sequence of commands. Can be configured for automatic execution soon after start (after 2 seconds), just like Key widget. This option is shared between key and deadly strike widgets, and only one can be checked at the time. Open advanced settings for quick review what is set.

Press ‘+’ button to add new action. Press long touch on added action to remove it from macro.

Deadly strike and Key widgets can be bound to startup.

Currently these actions are supported :

  • Layers
  • Key
  • Rest/Delay
  • Close this bag
  • Bag
  • Ghostly presence / Hide widgets
  • Deadly strike / Combo
  • Claws of mouse warrior / Mouse button
  • Black magic / Special
  • Target
  • Mouse navigation



This action changes visibility of chosen layers in runtime.

Input parameter :

  • list of layers


  • vanish / hide
  • materialize / show
  • switch / toggle

Key action

There is nothing much to say about this action. It simply sends picked key code to magic dosbox emulator. Pick key code pressing the the middle part of added action. After that, on right side appears another configuration icon.

Input parameter :

  • Key code

Configuration :

  • key down+up
  • key down
  • key up

In addition is possible affect every key action with ctrl, shift and alt modifier


Rest / Delay

Rest action slows down macro execution if necessary. It was made special for combination with key action. Many old games skips key actions if are fired too quickly in sequence. Adding 50ms between each key action mostly fixes this issue. But of course, this action may be useful in many other situations.

Input parameter :

  • time in milliseconds

Close this bag

Deadly strike can be inserted into bag widget – the close/open-able toolbar. Added “Close this bag” action looks for this toolbar and closes it if is opened. Closed bag vanishes from the screen.


This is action is enhanced version of previous one. Allows specify what bag should be processed.

Input parameter :

  • Bag widget


  • open
  • close
  • switch

Ghostly presence / Hide widgets
Input parameter for this action is any widget placed on the screen. Ghostly presence action shows hidden widget or removes it from the screen. Removed widgets works like marked with “undetectable” flag – widget is hidden and non-detectable. This action is useful for making interactive layout.

Input parameter :

  • Widget


  • vanish / hide
  • materialize / show
  • switch / toggle

Claws of mouse warrior
Allows toggling between left and right mouse click. This action changes default mouse action.


  • left
  • right
  • toggle

Black magic / Special
This action offers similar actions to “Special widget”, but can be run in sequence.


  • Show keyboard – show android keyboard
  • Show dosbox keyboard – show our keyboard
  • Pause – pause emulator
  • Mouse reset
  • Hide all widgets
  • Hide screen
  • Save state – quick save state to slot 6
  • Load state – quick load state from slot 6
  • Lock Y relative mouse

Target action offers possibility automate mouse actions. Please note! This action works only with absolute mouse!

Input parameters :

  • mouse action (click, move, down, up)
  • mouse button (left, right, middle)


  • Point coordinates [X,Y]

Mouse navigation
Quick switch between relative and absolute mouse