Since v.84, Magic DOSBox supports simple scripting. It’s possible write java script, which can be executed with Combo/Deadly strike action. Defined script must be bound to Deadly Strike / Combo through action.

Supported methods

  • void setKeyboardVisibility(boolean show);
  • boolean isKeyboardVisible();
  • boolean setLayer(String layerID);
  • void setLayerVisibility(boolean show);
  • int getPixelTriggerState(String triggerID);
  • void showToast(String message);

Keyboard methods

setKeyboardVisibility and isKeyboardVisible methods serves for manipulating with Magic Dosbox’s in-built keyboard.

Layer methods

setLayer(layerID) finds and sets layer for execution. setLayerVisibility(show) will be applied to layer set by setLayer method.

Pixel Trigger Methods

int getPixelTriggerState(triggerID) can return values -1, 0, 1. It returns current Pixel Trigger state.

  • -1 – Pixel Trigger was not found by ID
  • 1 – Pixel Trigger is active
  • 0 – Pixel Trigger is not active

This method must be used only in combo widget executed by Pixel Trigger and script action must be used before “wait/rest” combo action. In other case is the state not guaranteed.

Messaging Methods

showToast(message) – displays simple popup message


Example 1: Find and set layer by id. Then display it and at the end display simple message.

function main() {
  thiz.showToast(‘Menu activated’);
  return 0;

Example 2: Script is executed by Pixel Trigger. We check another Pixel Trigger in script. If both matches then we display specific layer. Return value 1 stops all next combo actions from execution.

function main() {
 if (thiz.getPixelTriggerState(‘3652830b-451e-4f34-a9bb-c1b053d14011’) == 1) {
  return 0;
 return 1;

How to get IDs for methods

  • Layer – in design mode click on layer item, click on pencil and on dialog press dragon icon
  • Pixel Trigger – in pixel trigger menu, open change name dialog and press on dragon icon

ID will be copied to clipboard, notification will be shown

If it does not work, then check game profile/Scripts directory for error file. Every function must start with “thiz”.

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