Mouse touch

img_mousepaw This widgets helps you to manipulate with touch mouse. It is designed to work with absolute or relative mouse.

You have absolute mouse enabled when you start adventure for the  first time.  It sends left mouse event. But other events like right mouse click or middle can be set too.

You can set its duration and action in settings.

Duration means how long will be mouse action changed.

  • Permanent – this changes default mouse action
  • Until button down (UBD)- You do new mouse event until your finger holds this widget. This one allows you to set flag “Ignore next mouse UP”. It means that first touch will do only mouse DOWN and second touch finish with mouse UP. I don’t know why I added this, but maybe someone find it useful:)
  • Click – Holding the widget sends mouse down. When you remove finger from widget, than is send mouse up. It is useful for relative mouse.

Action is mouse event

  • left
  • right
  • middle
  • left + right
  • move for permanent and UBD duration, or (By system) for click duration. By system means default action or action changed with permanent duration.

Additional flags

  • Double click – It is available for UBD and click action. Double clicks chosen mouse button
  •  Ignore next mouse up – skips next mouse up