img_magic You need to call keyboard without going to menu or pause the game? Try this widget.

This widget allows quick access to various system functions. It’s not necessary search for them in menu. These functions are supported :

  • Show keyboard – shows default android keyboard
  • Show dosbox keyboard – shows built-in magic dosbox keyboard(ver.36+)
  • Pause game
  • Mouse Reset – it is useful, when absolute mouse become desynchronized
  • Show special keys
  • Quit dosbox
  • Make screenshot
  • Hide all widgets
  • Show general settings
  • Turbo mode – good for skipping intros. Tries to run emulator at highest speed
  • Save state – quick save state to last slot
  • Load state – quick load state from last slot
  • Hide pointer – physical mouse cursor fix, hide android cursor and display only game cursor (android 8+)
  • Lock Y relative mouse