Telescope / Stream to widget

Very, very special kind of widget which combines together two great functionalities, zooming and streaming. They were put together, because each manipulates somehow with screen size and position. After some time seems, would be better to split them, but now is hard to do it. So, what this widget does?


This widget allows zooming or moving game scene. Usually, devices supporting more then 2 touches checkes “Until button down” option. First finger holds widget (this enters zooming mode) and with another two fingers is increased / decreased game scene, or with one finger we do movement. Devices supporting only two touches must use “Permanent” option, which toggles zooming mode off/on.

*Zooming can be done with double tap gesture as well


Streams part of the screen to widget’s background or foreground. In addition, streamed part is interactive and reacts on emulated mouse, however, due some limitations only absolute mouse is supported. Is possible to pick which mouse button will be emulated. At the end, we can select one special area on the surface, pressing which can trigger combo / deadly strike widget.