img_bag3 Bag is container for other widgets.

The idea for making container to collect other widgets came with playing the game “Might and magic 1 : Secret of the inner sanctum”.  I was six years old when this game was published, so my childhood is joined with Might and Magic 6, 7 and 8. When I heard that Limbic is working on new part of this sequel, I charge myself to play the first part, where many story events and characters are explained. This game is very old and is absolutely anti-user friendly(for me). And is hardly focused on using keyboard. For example if you want cast spell you must do key sequence C(cast), 1(row), 5(column), Enter(confirm) from spell table. So I added Deadly strike widget which allow me to do it with one touch. Soon after that was added bag for collecting strikes. We can call it Spell book as well.


You can have two bag types.

  • Auto aligned. Here I calculate widget positions with some algorithm
  • Custom allow you to specify column and row numbers.

Bag don’t support scrolling.


How to add widget to bag.