img_scratch.png Various touchscreen based gestures for handling the game.


Gestures can improve game playing. Depends what user prefers. Its good to know, that each gesture will increase mouse down/up reaction time.

  • Double tap – Double tap will be triggered if you tap at the same place more than once during 210ms. You can do “tap down + tap up” – twice. In this case is executed mouse click. But you can do only “tap down + tap up + tap down”. In this case is executed only mouse down. Double tap is worst on mouse reaction time and whole action will have duration around 300ms.
  • Two-point gesture – With this gesture you need touch the screen with two fingers.  If is only this  gesture enabled then you are not able perform mouse dragging. But you can combine this gesture with others and then is dragging enabled. This gesture performs fast mouse reactions.
  • Long press – triggers mouse down after timeout. Its friendly to mouse reaction time. Its replacement for older “Longpress”.
  • Swipes


Swipes support four gestures

  • Up
  • Down
  • Left
  • Right

How to correctly use swipe action

It is not possible to use swipe the same way like you know it from android. It is compromise between mouse emulation, key sending and touchscreen. Swipe in Magic Dosbox must meet this criteria

  • Swipe must be leaded from chosen side to opposite. This means, when you are doing swipe to UP, than swipe from up to down.
  • Swipe must be quick (Time between touch DOWN and touch UP must be less than 200 milliseconds)
  • Swipe size must be greater than 50 pixels

Mapping swipes


First you must add widget to the screen. Than you can map it. These widget are mappable.

  • Key
  • Target
  • Bag
  • Special

Right from mapped widget is settings button. All mappable widgets have common options.

  • Mouse move cursor only.  When you swipe, than ignore next mouse click. Only move mouse cursor. This is useful when you scroll screen in Command and Conquer 1. You start scrolling with swipe and with next touch you stop.
  • Mouse move and click. This will do the same like above, but it don’t disable next mouse click.

Here is simple example.