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    Al ex

    Version 1.5

    Updated 2016-07-07

    Download v1.5_classic
    Download v1.5_pure

    A simple layout for a game that hardly needs a layout. ? Lands of Lore has such a good mouse-based interface, it’s easiest to use the imgame UI, with only slight improvements.

    v1.1 is only a minor update with some visual changes (new widget design).
    v1.2 adds a shitload of automization to make playing with touch controls more convenient. Read below for details.
    v1.3 improves automization by adding another invisible widget over the Save button in the options menu.
    v1.4 brings more minor improvements, namely one more invisible widget for UI automization (over “Load game” button), and a (hopefully) improved laayout of the movement & attack keys: movement keys no longer block the text bar, and the attack button is semi-transparent, so you don’t have to hide the UI every time an ingame message pops up.
    v1.5 squashed the last bug (secondary widgets not closing on startup), sorry for that!!
    To make up for it, I created a new icon style. Check the screenshots for comparison. All icons are included in each of the two files, so you can exchange them, if you like.

    – On startup, an automatic mouse click will be performed at the “Load a game” spot of the main menu, because clicking it is quite fiddly. It’s set to a safe value of 6 seconds, adjust the time if that’s too long for you (in edit mode, change the “Auto load after 6 seconds” widget).
    – Placed a bigger, opaque overlay over the ingame movement control icons.
    – Added an EoB3 style “Attack all” button (?) at the right border. That one is actually a Deadly Strike widget, which will trigger the F1-F3 keys.
    – Magic still needs to be cast by tapping the ingame UI icons. Too complicated and bug-prone to be controlled by mDosbox widgets.
    – Added a “Journal” widget at the right border
    – Swipe left/right to trigger [Esc] key, swipe up/down to show/hide the UI (useful during cutscenes or conversations).
    – Absolute mouse along with manual mouse correction – mouse is a tiny bit off otherwise.
    – There are some hidden widgets, which serve to automate the process of hiding and materializing the UI while playing:
    I’ve put invisible “Deadly Strike” widgets over the Automap and Options buttons. These widgets will trigger the icon underneath (mouse click at this point), hide the Dosbox UI (control, attack, and invisible icons) automatically, and materialize an invisible Deadly Strike widget that will correspond with the “Exit” (in Automap) and “Resume Game” (in Options) buttons.
    – Example: Tapping “Automap” will hide the UI, as well as the invisible widget that triggers the automap (because it’s superfluous now and could trigger accidental mouse clicks); instead, an invisible Deadly Strike widget will appear over the “Exit” button.
    When you click “Exit”, this widget will close the Automap, and make the UI reappear, so you can continue playing.
    – This method starts to get buggy when you fiddle around with the options menu too much. So if you end up without touch controls, simply swipe up to bring them back.
    – On startup, the “Close Automap” and “Close options” widgets will be hidden automatically, so they don’t get in the way while playing.
    – I left the old icons and some unused ones in the .mgc export, so you can easily change them, if you like (see last screenshot for comparison).

    Ingame screen with “classic style” widgets:

    Ingame screen with “pure style” widgets:

    Ingame screen (widgets hidden, useful e.g. for conversation):

    Automap (widgets hidden):

    All available widgets (mDosbox in edit mode):

    v1.0 ingame screen:


    Hi alex – quick question. Which version of lol are you using? Gog? Having the damnedest time trying to get it to run. Wanted to know if there were specific mounting tips.

    Al ex

    Yes, I’m using the Gog version. Should work fine. In my profile, Expert settings are activated. So either check the mountings there, or make sure to deactivate them.
    If that doesn’t work, tell me where you’ve stored the game, and maybe post your expert settings here.


    I got it working- was user error on my part. A typo in the Mount command. Thanks for the excellent layout and notes!

    Al ex

    You’re welcome. And thanks for the flowers. 🙂


    Hopefully am not too late here, but wondering if anyone can give more info on getting this game to work properly. I’ve had success in most games installed, but this one on GOG seems to have different file setups so not sure what I am doing wrong here. Thanks in advance!


    It must be easy, just find dosbox config file with [autoexec] section at the end and paste that section here


    I almost finished a Lands of Lore Portrait profile. Its more complicated than I thought because want to make it without bugs what is a bit tricky because almost no hotkeys. Biggest problem is the character section because the positions change if you have 1 or 2 or 3 characters (what is scripted by game and cannot be changed). I want to add different UIs for the different group sizes (see last screenshot). As soon as it is bug free I will upload it.

    Al ex

    Yeah, the change in character position really annoyed me, too, when I was creating my layout. ?


    I never created a profile with more layers and widgets. Its crazy. Even compared to complex UI games like darklands. While lol actually is pretty straight forward in its controls.

    I think i will create an extra screen after loading a save game. There you can select your current party size before doing anything else.

    Something is strange in my profile. Double click won’t work on the telescope streams.. so no right click on telescope screens what is only a little problem because you only need right click for using items, but still… I finally solved it but was pain in the ass.

    The final problem i have is the heal spell. Selecting the character who needs to be healed messes up the UI. I think i cannot fix this, but i also think i can live with it :p


    Lol, that’s perfect. I like Lands of Lore and I know, these changing heroes positions are pain

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