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Shadow Warrior installation guide

Spellcross : The Last Battle installation guide

ElderScrolls : Arena installation guide

Fallout 1 installation guide

Daggerfall installation guide

Heroes of Might and Magic 2 on Magic Dosbox – Installation guide

Installation guide for GoG Gold version of Might and Magic 2. Setup guides through PC installation and additional setup on Android device.

Heroes of Might and Magic 2 layout presentation

How to scroll Command and Conquer 1 on Android using swipes and Magic Dosbox

How to use Magic Dosbox swipes for scrolling real-time strategy.

Diablo 2 test on NVIDIA Shield Tablet

Diablo 2 test on NVIDIA Shield tablet using windows 95 image. Game has reduced sound and graphics effects for better performance.

Fallout 1-2 layout showcase

Wacky wheels styling

This video shows how to create game layout for playing wacky wheels from scratch

How setup Doom 1 on Magic Dosbox using existing game layout