Widgets are special virtual buttons what can be placed on the screen of your android device. Provide wide usage of various functions for controlling desktop games on touchscreen. New buttons may be added while switched in “Design mode”. Read more about modes here. Widgets can be stack and fired once.

Currently these widgets are supported :

Widget’s options

All widgets have same “General” and “Look and Feel” options.

In “Look and Feel” section is possible freely change widget’s background, foreground image, text and opacity. Is possible to add own image. Foreground image can be resized and moved inside widget. Texts has separate options for opacity, color and position.

General options offers six special settings :

  • Undetectable – widget is hidden on the screen and cannot be touched
  • Visible – widget can be touched even is not visible
  • Activate only on tap – widget cannot be activated with dragging
  • Deactivate on leave – if is off then widget stays pressed even we left it’s boundaries by dragging
  • Non Blocking – widget is pressed, but allows bubble touch event to controls below which can be pressed too
  • Synaptic feedback – small vibration on touch (if device supports it)

Widgets are placed on layers, at least on one. Entering design mode displays panel on right side for managing all user layers. Layers can have custom visibility at startup (startup visibility) and can be changed during runtime with combo/deadly strike action. This allows to create interactive user interface.