img_key The key widget is one of the two most important widgets in MagicBox. It allows you to send keyboard events to dosbox.

The key widget offers various useful options include single and double tap

Base options

  • Run at start – fire widget 2 seconds after startup, this option is shared with other key and combo widgets, only one can be checked at the time
  • Toggle – usually, finger down means key down and finger up means key up, this option overrides this behavior and finger down+up means key down, next finger down+up means key up

Single and Double tap

By default is enabled single tap, however key widget offers possibility to setup double tap. This means, on first tap fires first key, on double tap fires second key. Double tap timeout is configurable and set by default to 500ms.

Each key definition can be affected by modifiers ctrl, alt and shift. Is possible send two keys at once + modifiers.

Keys are picked from key browser :