When you start Magic DOSBox,  you’ll see either the  DOS shell command line prompt,  or the game which you configured in the game profile screen. You can interact with the currently running program by sending keyboard key  presses or mouse events to the program. Magic DOSBox is now in “Play mode.”  But there are additional modes, which can serve you in various scenarios.

  • Play mode
  • Design mode
  • Aspect mode
  • Find point mode

Play mode

As mentioned above,  in this mode you can communicate with the MS-DOS shell, or executed game.

Design mode

Design mode is the second most important mode. You can switch to this mode from general options and pausing game with first button named “Add virtual buttons” : . Now you are able to add various widgets buttons on screen. Just hold longer finger on empty area. When you are done with designing, go to General Options and hit again first button, this time names “Back to play” : . You are switched to play mode again.

When you are in design mode you can create your own layout suitable for current game. When you touch added widget, than magic dosbox shows you special floating menu. It has various functions for better designing.

Starting from version 20, this toolbar has two levels.

Level 1 

icon_specialkeys Switch to second level.
icon_fade Move widget Up,Down,Left,Right or change it’s Height, Width. Depends on lever in middle of arrows.
icon_fade Lever which commands arrows to do move or resize.
icon_fade Select widget’s inner element. This can be text or image. You can change their size and position with arrows.
icon_fade Align selected widgets to Top of first selected. Requires enabled multi-selection.
icon_fade Align selected widgets to Left of first selected. Requires enabled multi-selection.
icon_fade Set to all selected widgets the same Width like has the first selected. Requires enabled multi-selection.
icon_fade Set to all selected widgets the same Height like has the first selected. Requires enabled multi-selection.
icon_fade Drag toolbar.


Level 2

icon_fade Set all selected widgets the same space in Horizontal direction like is between first and second selected. If only two widgets are selected, then they are aligned without space. Compared are left sides of both widgets. Requires enabled multi-selection.
icon_fade The same like above, but in Vertical direction. Compared are top sides. Requires enabled multi-selection.
icon_fade Enable/disable multi-selection.
icon_fade Delete selected widgets.
icon_fade Edit last selected widget.
icon_fade Allows you to open selected Bag widget.


Aspect Mode

Switching to aspect mode allows you modify screen dimensions. You can change size and position of program viewport. Look here for more info.

Find point mode

There is one special widget ‘Target’. This widget allows you to pick one point on game screen. Pressing the button in Play mode will send mouse cursor to this point. But it works only with absolute mouse.