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    I just started mdosbox again, and all my game config files vanished. I am now thinking it is the data directory. What is the default data directory so I can enter it in global settings. I have a directory that has thirty of so folders called 23434t34435htg or something like that, but I cannot load them in anyway.

    So again my game config files have vanished yet again, but at least I only had entered 4 game’s configs. Help please! Thanks


    The directory is MagicBox and is created in main directory of internal storage or sdcard. Inside is folder “Games” for settings of payed version and “GamesLite” for settings of free version. Inside “Games” folder is folder data with plenty folders like “23434t34435htg” what you wrote. In global settings you need pick the “MagicBox” folder and restart magic dosbox. Can you zip this folder, upload it to dropbox and share it? I’ll check it’s consistence.

    Al ex


    Just loaded up magicbox for the first time in a few months and suddenly all my games have disappeared and the backup has gone!
    Such a shame, I had setup lots of profiles with custom controls and buttons on screen.


    Sh*t! I think, I will go and kill someone in google or samsung! This is 3rd report in last 30 days. Sorry for that, next update will move all profiles to another location, because samsung released silent updates which cleans main storage of “trash”. I wanted rename MagicBox folder to .MagicBox(this change makes it safe against clean master). But profiles will be moved finally to Downloads, because seems that only this folder is protected against all kind of cleaning. Well, except application private folder, but this folder is erased when application uninstalled

    Please can you help? Where did you store your backup? Is your device samsung? Could you check your Downloads, is this folder untouched?


    S7 edge exynos here on nougat 7.0 … my backup is in emulated/0/storage/dos/magicbox/ (moved the folder from ibside the app )

    So far 0 problems… I installed and uninstalled the app once just for trying the backup and it worked ok… the only problem was that the game links on my android desktop dissapeared when I uninstalled the app and the backup wont got em back… 67 icons on 12 folders :p

    Be careful with storing in /downloads… I think some apps like ccleaner by default clean that folder when performing device maintenance… I had problems in the past because of this.


    Thank you for warning. I’ll try ccleaner, will see what it does.

    This is VERY big problem for me. In the past there was never problem with storing profiles in root of main storage. But since this year, (or since the end of previous year) I have problems, because people installs cleaners which remove “trash” from main storage – include MagicBox folder. And what more, samsung goes the same way and by updates cleans main storage too.

    Google recommends store everything in application private folder, but this folder is always erased when is application uninstalled. This is big problem, because f.e I install/uninstall various versions during development. And what more, people re-install application if they experience strange problem. In all these cases are profiles lost.

    So, what to do…my idea was rename “MagicBox” to “.MagicBox”, because clean master skips these kind of folders. But what with updates from samsung? Maybe “.MagicBox” will survice these updates, but I don’t know how to test it. And, as Larrynho said, “Downloads” may be unsafe too.

    Will be great check it if someone has pending update from samsung.

    EDIT : Another solution will be implementation of synchronization to google drive…

    EDIT2 : where do you store games? They vanished too?


    Hi. Im using Samsung tab S2.
    Profiles were kept in the default directory i think, which is just Magicbox folder in root.

    I keep all my games on my sd card and they are all still there. Its just the data for magicdosbox that disappeared.

    I noticed samsung installed some crap again without permission a week ago. Even though i turned off their apps ability to do that.

    I kept my backup in the root magicbox directory as i just had a backup incase app would get corrupted. Did not think samsung would go about deleting directories without permission so i just kept it there.

    Sync to google drive or dropbox sounds like a good idea.

    Good luck and thanks for magicbox.


    Thank you for information.

    In next version will be added :

    You will see again welcome screen and people will be asked to pick location for settings :
    This text will appear :

    a). Store settings in application private folder. Here are protected against deletion done by cleaners and system updates. However, will be automatically deleted by system during application uninstallation.

    b). Store settings in custom location in folder with name .MagicBox. Settings will survive application uninstallation, but may be deleted by cleaners or during system update.

    Settings will be moved to picked location.

    In addition, “MagicBox” folder will be renamed to “.MagicBox”. Seems cleaner apps skips this kind of folders, maybe it will work for samsung updates too.

    Inside game, I’ll add small checkbox with text “send to cloud after save” or “share” (I am not sure what is better). If it will be checked then after save will be profile automatically exported to mgc file and will be shown file sharing dialog, here you can pick which cloud to use (dropbox, google drive, ..)

    And from main menu must very visible option for full export + I’ll block saving full backup to “.MagicBox” folder

    Something is implemented, something are ideas. If you have other ideas, write them:)

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