Support an AUTOEXEC.BAT file

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    DOSBox doesn’t appear to support CONFIG.SYS, so drivers can’t be loaded that way. It does support TSRs, which can be loaded high with LOADHIGH or LH, and I have TSR versions of some things I used to load in CONFIG.SYS.

    It would be nice if DOSBox supported an AUTOEXEC function. If a file called AUTOEXEC.BAT exists in the root of the mounted drive. DOSBox should automatically run it and perform the actions specified. In my case, that means setting the PATH, loading TSRs like an ANSI driver, and setting environment variables things need. I have a DOS.BAT file that does that, and is the first thing I enter at the C: prompt, but it would be nice to had MDF do it automatically.



    “PATH” works for me via the config (expert settings), just like the config on the pc dosbox.

    Al ex

    Enslaved is right. The “expert settings” are actually nothing more than the dosbox.conf file. Head to the “autoexec” section at the bottom and place your autoexec commands there. Be aware that you’ll have to configure everything else (mounting, sound, cycles, etc) through expert settings, too. The Magic Dosbox UI settings will be overridden by expert settings!


    I checked in source codes how is loaded “Main program”. It’s not necessary modify expert settings, because the the file picker supports these extensions :

    “.exe”, “.EXE”, “.com”, “.COM”, “.bat”, “.BAT”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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