doesn't handle dirname truncation

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    This app doesn’t take into account the directory name truncation “feature” of MS-DOS. When I tried running a new game I got an error. The C drive was mounted fine, but when it tried
    C:\>cd dos_games
    Directoryname is longer than 8 characters and/or contains spaces.
    Try cd dos_ga~1

    Of course the easy workaround is to mount the immediate directory ./dos_games/ as the C drive instead. However I feel like this is a simple feature that should be supported.

    Al ex

    Are you sure it’s MS-DOS you’re talking about? AFAIK remember, at least MS-DOS 5.0 and 6.x were unable to handle directory or files with more than 8 characters. And even the original PC version of Dosbox acts the same.

    And the easiest workaround would be to rename /dos_games to /dosgames. ?



    or create folder games with sub-folder dos;) I really was digging around LFN long tims, because full name is much user friendly then dos_ga~1. The patch exists, but it is not so easy. After reading various comments on Vogons I made decision to not include it to mDosbox. In addition this patch breaks some dosbox functionalities and was excluded from dosbox-x with message :

    “sorry. LFN patch completely breaks file I/O in DOSBox. reverting.”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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