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    I will update this list from comments and emails. Magic Dosbox should support in base almost all games like classic dosbox, but there can be differences. Here is small list of them.

    Absolute mouse [manual fix](hint)


    Name Absolute mouse
    Ascendancy Y
    Battlecruiser 3000AD Y (might need to change CDROM path in BC3000AD.INI to cdrom=C:\BC3000AD\
    Carrier Command Problems in both relative and absolute mode (has acceleration built into the game’s mouse processing)
    Command and Conquer 1 Y
    Command and Conquer 1 : Cover ops Y
    Command and Conquer : Red Alert Y
    Dune 1,2 Y
    Earth 2140 N
    Global Conquest Y
    KKND Y* [640×480]
    Heroes of Might and Magic 1 N (*Y, partial accuracy can be achieved with msmouse fix and manual resolution set to 1280×960)
    Heroes of Might and Magic 2 Y* (no drag)
    Warcraft 1,2 Y
    Master of Orion 1,2 Y
    X-Com Ufo : Enemy unknown Y
    X-Com: UFO Defense Y
    Panzel General Y
    Jagged Alliance 1 Y
    Dungeon Keeper Y [320×100](ingame only)
    Simcity Y
    Simfarm Y
    Simcity 2000 Y
    Civilization 1 Y
    Populous 2 Y
    Caesar 1,2 Y
    Settlers 1 Y (with settlr1 fix enabled, (+ manual correction for higher res))
    Settlers 2 N
    Reunion Y
    Monopoly Deluxe Y
    Sim city, Sim city 2000 Y
    Syndicate Y (with enabled SYND fix)
    Battle Isle 2 Y
    Romance of the three kingdoms 3 (Koei) Y* [640×480]


    Name Absolute mouse
    Might and Magic 1-5 Y
    Realms of Arkania 1,2,3 Y* [320×200]
    Dungeon Master 1 Y
    Dungeon Master 2 Y* [640×200]
    Albion N
    Lands of Lore 1 Y
    Lands of Lore 2 ?
    The Elder Scrolls : Arena ?
    The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall Y [320×200](only ingame)
    Betryal at Krondor Y
    Eye of Beholder 1,2,3 Y
    Wizardry 7 Y
    Bard’s tale 1,2,3 ?
    Fallout 1 N
    Ultima 1-5
    Ultima 6-8 Y
    Worlds of Ultima: Savage Empire Y
    Worlds of Ultima: Martian Dreams Y
    Darklands Y
    Anvil of Dawn Y
    AD&D Dungeon Hack Y
    AD&D: Gateway to the Savage Frontier Y
    AD&D Unlimited Adventures Y
    Bloodstone Y
    The Dark Heart of Uukrul
    Darksun 1,2 Y
    Dusk of the Gods Y
    Heimdall 2 Y
    Hero Quest Y
    Ishar 1,2,3 Y
    Hexx: Heresy of the Wizard N
    Legend 1,2 Y
    Magic Candle 2,3 Y
    Menzoberranzan Y
    Ravenloft 1,2 Y
    Shadow of Yserbius Y
    The Summoning Y
    Times of Lore
    Ultima Underworld 1 Y
    Ultima Underworld 2 N


    Name Absolute mouse
    Wacky wheels Y
    Micro machines 2 ?
    Need For Speed ?
    Ignition ?
    Screamer ?
    Death Rally ?
    Grand Prix ?


    Name Absolute mouse
    Duke nukem Y
    Duke nukem 3d Y
    Doom Y
    Doom2 ?
    Wolfenstein 3D ?
    Blood ?
    Raptor Y
    Redneck Rampage ?
    Strife ?
    Realms of the Haunting ?
    Descent 1,2 ?
    Street fighter 2 ?
    Airborne ranger ?
    System Shock 1 Y
    Wrath of Earth ?
    MechWarrior 2 ?
    Alien Invasion ?
    Chasm ?
    Star wars : Dark Forces ?
    Hexen ?
    Spellcross Y (needs mouse reset after while)


    Name Absolute mouse
    Hocus pocus ?
    Jazz Jackrabbit ?
    Abuse ?
    Prince of Persia
    Pac-Man ?
    Dave ?
    Dave2 ?
    Dave4 ?
    Alien Carnage ?
    Super mario ?
    Bio Menace ?
    Agent Sam ?


    Name Absolute mouse
    Monkey Island 1,2 Y
    Rex Nebular Y
    Tintin ?
    The Last Express Y
    The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: The Rose Tattoo Y
    Star Trek: 25th Anniversary N
    Star Trek: Judgement Rites Y
    Willy Beamish Y
    Pribehy z Galske Zeme Y
    Indiana Jones, Last Crusade Y
    Indiana Jones, Fate Atlantis Y
    Quest for Glory 1 Y


    Name Absolute mouse
    Robinson’s Requiem Y
    Life and Death 2 – The Brain Y (manual correction 320×200)


    Name Absolute mouse
    PC Futbol 4.5 Y
    PC Futbol 6 (Windows 95) Y (needs manual correction)
    PC Basket 4.5 Y
    PC Basket 6 (Windows 95) Y (needs manual correction)

    Here’s some more games that work well with absolute mouse.

    – Civilization 1

    – Ultima 6-8 (5 and prior don’t have mouse support at all)
    – Worlds of Ultima: Savage Empire
    – Worlds of Ultima: Martian Dreams.
    – Darklands

    – Raptor works well with absolute mouse; better than the Android port, in fact.

    Thank you, list was updated(admin)


    Thank you, updated


    Here’s a few more.


    AD&D Dungeon Hack – Y
    AD&D Unlimited Adventures – Y
    Albion – N
    Bloodstone – Y
    The Dark Heart of Uukrul (Game doesn’t support a mouse)
    Darksun 1 and 2 – Y
    Dusk of the Gods – Y
    Heimdall 2 – Y
    Hero Quest – Y
    Ishar 1,2,3 – Y
    Hexx: Heresy of the Wizard – N (Can’t get absolute mouse to line up.)
    Legend 1 and 2 – Y
    Magic Candle 2 and 3 – Y (I’ve never been able to get the first game to load)
    Menzoberranzan – Y
    Ravenloft 1 and 2 – Y
    Shadow of Yserbius – Y
    Telengard (No mouse support)
    The Summoning – Y
    Times of Lore – absolute sort of works (Best to use KB, using a mouse sucks even on a pc)
    Ultima Underworld 1 – Y
    Ultima Underworld 2 – N
    Wizardry 6 – Y (need the mouse supported version)


    Star Trek: 25th Anniversary – N
    Star Trek: Judgement Rites – Y


    Thanks, updated 🙂


    Blackthorne (no mouse support, but works well with touchscreen joystick and buttons)

    AD&D: Gateway to the Savage Frontier – Y

    Also, I see Ultima Underworld 2 is listed as not supporting Absolute Mouse, however I am able to use it that way, I just have to hit the Mouse Reset button a lot. Did manual correction to 320×200.

    Prince of Persia doesn’t use a mouse.

    Abuse kinda works with Absolute Mouse, but you have to do a Mouse Reset frequently, which isn’t great for an action game.


    Thank you updated. Ultima Underworld 2 is still marked as unusable with absolute mouse because it desynchronize too fast.


    Yeah, Underworld is what I’ve been playing lately. I gave up on absolute. It’s too much of a pain to keep having to hit reset. I made a layout that works really well with relative and it’s far more enjoyable to play now. Honestly I never liked having my fingers obstructing the 3d view screen when moving around anyway.


    Dungeons of the Unforgiven (absolute works fine)

    Jill of the Jungle (game doesn’t use mouse)


    I have Championship Manager 94 working although I cant seem to figure out why a left mouse click is counting as a double click. The game is playable but frustrating in that it clicks too fast. Any ideas?



    Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold
    Rise of the Triad

    Al ex

    AD&D rpg games:
    ° Champions of Krynn
    ° Death Knights of Krynn
    ° Dark Queen of Krynn
    ° Curse of the Azure Bonds
    ° Secret of the Silver Blades
    ° Pools of Darkness
    ° Gateway to the Savage Frontier
    ° Treasures of the Savage Frontier
    ° Eye of the Beholder 1-3

    CCS64 (C64 emulator)
    Crusader – No Remorse
    Crusader – No Regret
    Indianapolis 500
    King’s Quest 1-7
    Links 386 Pro
    Lucasarts Adventures:
    ° Day of the Tentacle
    ° Indiana Jones 3
    ° Indiana Jones 4
    ° Loom
    ° Maniac Mansion
    ° Monkey Island 1&2
    ° Sam & Max

    Mechwarrior 1&2
    Pirates! Gold
    Space Quest 1-5
    Strike Commander
    Wing Commander 1-4
    Wing Commander Privateer 1&2


    Reunion works perfectly with absolute mouse 😉


    Thank you, list was updated:)


    Monopoly Deluxe seems to work with Relative and Absolute mouse without any problems! 🙂

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