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    Al ex

    Yes, 400×300, or at least 512×385, would be great, but don’t work.
    If you can figure something out, please let me know.


    Read a little about the TFix and other patches and such supposedly supporting more resolutions, lower ones hopefully included, was thinking maybe if applying the fix on pc first and then copying the game’s folder on phone.. but not sure if the exe files would work on the Win 95 version of Thief (?)


    Yet another quick entry, just tried Myth II: Soulblighter and holy crap, not only is the game pretty smooth after disabling the high resolution option but the animations/intro/cutscenes are of such good quality as well and so smooth! 🙂


    Pharaoh (SIERRA) is working on Win95 with a samsung S7 edge (exynos). Just have to cut the music ingame : it’s jerky and slow-down the game. But I’m not a good hacker, I simply use the Fallout 2 .mgc made by admin we find on the forum. Just set cycles to 120% and change paths. Maybe a better configuration for Pharaoh is possible ?

    PS : I don’t test the game with the extension, I don’t have it. :/

    Al ex

    Is it General Midi or MT32 music? Both can cause some sort of “rubberband” effect. It may help to switch to Soundblaster, if possible, because that one does have almost no impact on performance.


    I don’t know… here is the config. It seems to be already soundblaster





    Al ex

    Ah, ok. Could also be CD music playback, or just Windows being weird.

    Anyway, one piece of advice: I’d suggest you set mixer rate and sblaster oplrate to 22050, or even 44100. There’s a noticeable drop in audio quality especially between 22050 and 16000, and it has zero impact on performance. Really, absolute zero. On the S7 edge Exynos, you can also go for 44100 without seeing a difference. The device is just too powerful to be struggling with a bit of audio emulation. 😉


    MechWarrior 3 version 1.0 is working ! Cut scenes and intro is a little laggy but they are still watchable. Load time from menu trends to look like its hanging but then mission briefing launches and fine from there . Im have update patch but haven’t tried it yet . I have the expansion (pirates moon)that I’m going to rip to iso tonight after work and then onto IMG. I had no audio when applying no CD crack to MechWarrior 2 pentium edition (these assets don’t install evidently they are dependent upon the disc even under max install) so I haven’t tried to patch it (the game confirms actions with audio, its playable soundless but it would be hard and I don’t really have stability issues with any of my games. )


    i thought th3 note 4 was slow til i got it rooted unlocked debloated and off touchwiz(wtf was samsung thinking) now it smashes. Just out of curiosity your note 2 wouldnt happen to be tye sch-i605 would it ? i still have mine and cannot beleive how over clockable it is. It screams but doesnt get anywhere near as hot as its predecessors i also own the note 3(900v) and 4 (910v).you really have to unlock the snapdragons to get any kind of performance but it is there. Its being crippled by samsungs Dvfs. I actually think its working againsts its own hotplug scheme. These phones have gotten hotter with each new model. The 4 would get physically hot to touch when i ran touchwiz…main reason i unlocked was to debloat (nobody anywhere uses half what comes loaded on these and the samsung apps i liked have fell off hard ie side-sync )Running aosp is worlds faster and cooler.


    What did you set vmemsize and processor at? Auto isnt the fastest, pentium is and vmem determines what graphics card the game thinks you have. It is an extremely bad idea to set this above 4 sometimes 4 is too much. This build of dosbox doesnt have munt or a glide wrapper.


    I got the same message on star wars rogue squadron. the d3d patch for mercenaries also screwed the pooch. Try to avoid anything with 3d enhanced in the description with this dosbox build.


    You never said which dosbox core you use


    G-NOME By 7th lvl games v1.0
    Heavy Gear By Activision v1.0 and unofficial update 1.2 (1.1 adds way too much texture couldnt get it to play after launch)


    What installer did you use ? Id like to play earthsiege 2 but the installer crashes when you (a) allow it to do system scan crash at cd-rom (b) if you skip it gets to install in C:/sierra/eathsiege2 asks if correct if select no it crashes. I remeber being able to use alternate installer as hack back in the day specifically leisure suit larry’s installer but i dont remeber the details .


    Oh sorry i use dynamic pentium and have varied the cycles between max 105% and 120% using the following cycle variables : cycleup=10
    cycledown=20 and cycleup=500 cycledown=500. I have also tried with no cycle variable. I have tried pentium_mmx but unless i switch to normal it shows as pentium in control panel/settings and normal crashes every install. I have tried pentium_slow but it has never registered as that just says pentium. I just realized earthsiege 2 only requires a 486 ill try that 🙂

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