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    Same here. I prefer the current look.

    in reply to: Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss #2452

    Thanks. And yeah you can post it wherever you want.

    in reply to: List of supported MS-DOS Games #2431

    Yeah, Underworld is what I’ve been playing lately. I gave up on absolute. It’s too much of a pain to keep having to hit reset. I made a layout that works really well with relative and it’s far more enjoyable to play now. Honestly I never liked having my fingers obstructing the 3d view screen when moving around anyway.

    in reply to: List of supported MS-DOS Games #2316

    Here’s a few more.


    AD&D Dungeon Hack – Y
    AD&D Unlimited Adventures – Y
    Albion – N
    Bloodstone – Y
    The Dark Heart of Uukrul (Game doesn’t support a mouse)
    Darksun 1 and 2 – Y
    Dusk of the Gods – Y
    Heimdall 2 – Y
    Hero Quest – Y
    Ishar 1,2,3 – Y
    Hexx: Heresy of the Wizard – N (Can’t get absolute mouse to line up.)
    Legend 1 and 2 – Y
    Magic Candle 2 and 3 – Y (I’ve never been able to get the first game to load)
    Menzoberranzan – Y
    Ravenloft 1 and 2 – Y
    Shadow of Yserbius – Y
    Telengard (No mouse support)
    The Summoning – Y
    Times of Lore – absolute sort of works (Best to use KB, using a mouse sucks even on a pc)
    Ultima Underworld 1 – Y
    Ultima Underworld 2 – N
    Wizardry 6 – Y (need the mouse supported version)


    Star Trek: 25th Anniversary – N
    Star Trek: Judgement Rites – Y

    in reply to: My thoughts about the interface #2132

    I think the interface is pretty effective and finds a good middleground between overly complicated and too simplistic. It’s going to be much easier for people who have never used dosbox before to pickup (far less overwealming than DBTurbo, yet is actually more effective for the most part), but there’s also enough common sense to it that people who already know dosbox can quickly adapt. Yes, there will be some people who think they are above using a cartoony interface, but it’s going to be hard to please everyone.

    If it’s something you get a lot of compliants about, it may be worthwhile to consider having the option of toggling between the icons and basic descriptive text lables like EL MB suggested. I wouldn’t change the actual layout and how everything is grouped though. I think it’s really effective how it is.

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    My all time favorite DOS game would be Ultima 7. Love the whole series really. Especially 4-7 and the Underword games.

    Others great DOS series…
    AD&D “Gold Box Series”
    Might and Magic
    Eye of the Beholder
    Realms of Arkania

    in reply to: Might and Magic 1-5 #2031

    Might and Magic 4 & 5 World of Xeen

    Created on Nexus 7


    *use absolute mouse*
    – “Save” acts as a quicksave to the most recently used save slot.
    *Note* The save is a deadly strike widget that uses timed key presses to open the menu, save and then close the menu automatically. Depending on the speed of your device the timing may need to be readjusted in the widget’s settings.
    – “KB” opens Keyboard.
    – “Notes” opens a journal to manually add your own notes.
    – The up and down arrow buttons make navigating lists (like spells) much easier.

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