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    I’ve spent some time with Magic Box and though I did not like the interface at first, few hours into gaming made me change my mind. Right now I think that the interface is actually funny and has a lot of personality, and I’m loving it. I’ve just bought the full version, too.

    The speed is better than Dosbox Turbo, and the buttons mapping is unique and works great!

    However I can see that some people will not like the interface after trying the demo and won’t invest more time to find out about the great features. Have you considered a simpler version of the interface as an option? Maybe a “simple” mode without icons, just text describing just what they really mean? Like, “Cycles” instead of “Power” etc?

    I myself like the interface but I imagine that you might be losing some business because of it. What do you think?



    thank you. I really appreciate your opinion and thank you again for support.

    Hmm..Really I don’t know what to say 😉 People are in two groups. The first group likes this one..let’s say funny or unconventional look. Second group hate it…and I know it…

    But I did not want make only ‘piece of software’. Magic dosbox is door to another world. Full of fantasy, old memories and I think these icons fits.

    I will think about it. I cannot rewrite full interface. But Icons and texts can be parametrized.

    This is interesting topic and maybe more people could write here their opinion…


    I think the interface is pretty effective and finds a good middleground between overly complicated and too simplistic. It’s going to be much easier for people who have never used dosbox before to pickup (far less overwealming than DBTurbo, yet is actually more effective for the most part), but there’s also enough common sense to it that people who already know dosbox can quickly adapt. Yes, there will be some people who think they are above using a cartoony interface, but it’s going to be hard to please everyone.

    If it’s something you get a lot of compliants about, it may be worthwhile to consider having the option of toggling between the icons and basic descriptive text lables like EL MB suggested. I wouldn’t change the actual layout and how everything is grouped though. I think it’s really effective how it is.


    Thank you Chris,

    I appreciate it. Really, my idea is to make gui interface for people who never used dosbox. It is still in diapers, but I will improve it in soon future (I take any kind of idea for improvement). It is hard to make simple, clear interface which will not bother with dozens dosbox functions and will set 90% settings automatically (and correctly).

    EL MB mostly point on texts and cartoon images. I am not against idea for toggling between two styles. Will see in future when to-do list will be shorter.


    The interface is unbeleivable . Its the greatest mapping ive ever seen in any build of dosbox on any os and doubt anyone can find a better one. nothing comes close to this kind of customization. Sure other builds support old school flight stick emulation but the very best timed controller emulation is still completely awkward.

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