List of supported MS-DOS Games

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    Seriously, nobody? the greatest game ever made,Mechwarrior 2, and its expansions play perfectly.


    Damn sorry for the double post but i forgot to mention netmech works too! Made me squeal like a girl when i found out still hosts online server. Matches start to pick up after about 4 pm (pst) and yes i shamelessly recruiting in your forum .

    Al ex

    Lol, that’s extremely cool. After what, 25 years?


    How do you config the widgets?… I dont even know how to tun the mech :p seems hard to play on touchscreen

    edit: talking about Mw2… besides, what version is it worth to play in dosbox? original? 3dfx? titanium? 😛

    edit 2: settled for MW2 mercenaries original DOS version; created a touchscreen profile using the game manual and It’s quite playable.


    im playing with the main controls mapped to a ps4 controller. The lesser used keys i have mapped across top screen in landscape. All controls are mapped as keyboard. In order to change dpad keys it was necessary to map them as keyz in both dpad section and key section. Then i reconfigured the in game keys to keyboard . Then i waged The Refusal War full effects in full resolution ;)!!! The first time i played these i played the pentium edition which didnt allow for the highest resolution. Really looks fantastic . I have yet to map squadmate commands . Thinking bags for each squadmate . Hasnt been needed yet.


    Star Wars Rebel Assault 1 And 2 . Xwing vs tiefighter! First double disc lucas arts game .
    1997 lol . Late for dos era.


    Please post information about absolute/relative mouse support too. I like to update info


    Hi ! Romance of the three kingdoms 3 (Koei) works well. Absolute mouse is working with custom settings : 640×480. Without this, it’s not accurate. I’m making a .mgc for this title 😉


    Thank you, updated 🙂


    Hi !
    Life and Death 2 : the brain is working with absolute mouse but need a 320 × 200 correction.
    That’s all !

    Al ex

    Thanks, updated the list! ?


    I did a list of what I have instaled on my s7 edge for a promoting post of MDB I did on Reddit ( /r/emulationonandroid/ ). Had more, deleted some :p Im sharing it here:

    Fallout 1 and 2, Castle of the Winds 1 and 2, Dune, Elvira 2, Diablo 2, Albion, Wasteland, Elder Scrolls:Daggerfall.
    Blood, Duke 3D, Dark Forces, Mechwarrior 2, Shadow Warrior, Redneck Rampage, Alien Trilogy, Rise of the Triad, Skynet
    Starcraft, Warcraft 2, Dungeon Keeper, Dune 2, Age of Empires 1 and 2, Comand and Conquer Red Alert
    Rise of the Dragon, Darkseed 1 and 2, KGB, Neuromancer, Dreamweb, Burn:Cycle, Where in space is Carmen Sandiego
    Alone in the Dark 1,2 and 3, Tomb Raider (ports are better but… nostalgia :p my first Cd game ever bought), Little Big Adventure, Fade to Black, La Abadía del Crimen, Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures.
    Grand Theft Auto, Bettlejuice, One Must Fall, Braindead 13, Worms, Tyrian 2000
    The Incredible Machine 2, Lemmings 2, The Lost Vikings 2
    Pharaon, Caesar 2, Constructor, Sim City 2000, Sim Tower, Theme Park
    Oregon Trail, Master of Orion 2, Xcom Enemy Unknown, Civilization 2, The Sims (this one have problems working)
    Destruction Derby, Death Rally, Lotus, BC Racers, Big Red Racing, Wacky Wheels, Street Racer
    Pinball Illusions, Extreme Pinball.

    Al ex

    That’s a veeeery nice list. ?
    The S7 is a beast, I’ve yet to see a faster phone for Dosbox. Would be interesting to see how the S8/S9 Exynos model performs.


    Add PC Futbol 4.5 ( MS DOS ), PC Basket 4.5 ( MS DOS ) and PC FUTBOL 6.0 (Win 95, very low fps on matches, very good on manager mode (THE mode :p noone played matches )).

    These are old spanish games that were VERY popular here on its time. Most probably all lower Pc futbol/basket versions will work too.

    Al ex

    Thanks, added to the list. Do these games support absolute mouse?

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