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    Lol. Legends of Valor looks great! I never about it, thank you


    Be sure to get the map of Mitteldorf. Sure comes in handy.


    Mechwarrior 2 31st century combat ! God i love thiis game almost as much as i love the looks on the faces of the people that realize im playing it on my phone.


    Aside Lucasarts games, I think the ones that got me addicted were Fallout 1 and 2… god I spent lots of hours on those… i even once wiped EVERY npc on the game just for the fun of it :p

    Loved Pharaon, dungeon keeper, Darkseed 1 & 2… played loads of fps games… loved most of them… Doom used to scare me a lot when I was a child.

    I still play from time Castle of the Winds 1 and 2… if you like roguelikes this one is REALLY good 🙂

    Wish I had the time to play that much nowadays :p


    I will list my DOS games I played back in the day too.

    1. Dune – absolutely a great game. far ahead of its time. it’s the first game on Magic Dosbox I tried and it worked like a charm.

    2. Dune 2 – 1st RTS game. played this a ton when I got it. Still working on getting it running on Magic Dosbox. controlls are bit fiddly and it sure shows its age. RTS has come a long way since it came out.

    3. Master of Magic – fantasy Civ game.

    4. Prince of Persia (1) – my very first game I ever played on a pc.

    5. Warcraft series – Just great. fantasy Dune 2. Sign me up.

    6. Transport Tycoon Deluxe – man, I played this game a lot. my railroad network was a piece of art (at least I thought so. 😉 )

    7. Galactix / Raptor / Major Stryker – scrolling shoot-em-up with planes/spaceships.

    8. Settlers 2 – I liked the beautyfull art and details of this game. Birds flying around, deer to be shot, trees cut down. Fond memories of an geologist finding a resources (“Yippie!”)

    9. Disney platform games (Lionking/Aladdin) – just great for any kid who saw the movies for like 2635 times

    Still a work in progress to get all of these working on Magic Dosbox on my Galaxy Tab 2. But getting there. They all startup and work. Now just getting the controls right to play them.

    Al ex

    Now that’s a fine list. Dune 2 & Warcraft series in particular, I played the cra out of those games back in the day. And also in recent years on Android, I played and finished WC2 two or three times in Magic Dosbox. ?


    I’d also like to share my favourite DOS games that I still like playing these days on MagicDOSbox (no particular order) 🙂

    Master of Orion 2
    Panzer General
    XCOM Ufo Defense
    Z (by Bitmap Brothers)
    C&C (Tiberian Dawn & Red Alert)
    Earth 2140
    M.A.X. (Mechanized Assault & Exploration)

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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