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    how to run these games in Magic Dosbox
    Fallout 2
    Diablo 1
    Diablo 2 (currently slow)
    Age of Empires
    StarCraft 1
    Dune 2000
    KKnD 2
    Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines
    Civilization 2
    I was able to run the fallout 2. I used this guide


    I send you email with more instructions. Probably I will make guide for win9x games.


    I have an issue with Win95 installation. I can install Win95 but it always leads me to Safe Mode. I just cannot get into normal mode. I heard I need specific graphic card driver to get it working but I have no idea. I am using NEXUS 10 tablet. Please help me!


    Hi, one russian friend made windows95 installation tutorial on youtube. Hope it helps. I did not tried that yet, but I use windows made by this tutorial and works great.

    here are drivers :

    Collection of drivers for Windows 95-98
    – video driver S3Trio64
    – Sound Card Driver Sound Blaster 16(sb16)
    – video codec indeo5
    – directx 8.0 rus
    – dcom95
    – virtual clone cd

    directx 8.0 is russian, maybe someone can give here link for english version

    Maybe other people can share here experiences.


    So I installed today new windows 95 CZ. It was pain, but I will write here my experiences.

    First snapshot was done with the Limbo PC emulator like in video in previous post. It was pain because this app crashes often. Unlike this video I booted from floppy using windows 95 boot disk. CD-ROM was disabled.

    At beginning I copied installation files to the root of win95.img file which I mounted as Drive c:\. I used WinImage app. Then I booted from floppy win95 boot disk. I started on floppy drive A:\, I switched to C:\. Then to directory with installation files.
    “cd setup”

    During installation Limbo PC emulator crashed so often that I though that it will never finish.

    But finally I was able boot. I quit limbo and mounted this image in Magic Dosbox. But I was not able run normal boot. Safe mode worked and I installed S3 + sound blaster drivers from previous post. Monitor was set to super vga 1024×768.

    Unfortunately it won’t boot normally. In safe mode I deleted lpt and com port drivers in device manager. In monitor settings I unckecked “automatic monitor detection” (or something like that).

    After that windows95 started normally.


    Bravo! Thank you for your post. I erased comport and set monitor PNP monitor, now I can go to normal Win95. However, I am still having a problem with graphic cards. It only accepts 16 color 640*480. The link above doesn’t work for me so that I cannot download drivers. Could you please reupload the driver bundle? Thanks!

    I used S3 801/805 driver, and wow it works. I am very happy now.


    Thanks. I updated link. Also I added some missing DLLs necessary for virtual clone installation.

    If you need install DirectX then change cpu type to “pentium”

    For all : Please share experiences with win9.x installation or setup with others;)


    I copy paste here some information from other forum.

    How are defines harddisk sizes?

    16MB: -size 512,63,16,32
    32MB: -size 512,63,16,64
    64MB: -size 512,63,16,128
    128MB: -size 512,63,16,256
    256MB image: -size 512,63,16,520
    512MB image: -size 512,63,32,520
    1GB image: -size 512,63,64,520
    2GB image: -size 512,63,64,1023
    300MB image: -size 512,63,16,600



    I will create game profile with all settings for running win95 and will upload it to mgc file sharing section. I am currently off, so it takes few days.

    I was looking for information whether Microsoft released Windows 95 or Windows 98 for free. Unfortunately seems that NO. So I can’t upload here already installed version.


    Okay so, I’m currently having fun with Civ2 on my Nexus 10 tablet. Magic Dosbox is working well so I just want to share my experience with you guys.

    I probably have installed Windows 95 on my tablet more than 50 times in past one month. I tried all different sorts of settings to test out what Win95 on M-Dosbox can do. In fact, my main goal was to run Heroes of Might and Magic 3. I managed to install the game but it was extremely slow. HOMM3’s benchmarking program gives me 70MHz on my Nexus 10 and it requires 133MHz. Maybe newer phones can achieve the number but I have no idea since mine is old iPhone 4.

    So I just gave up that game and moved on to my all time favorite Civilization 2. The game itself is working alright but the problem is that Virtual Clone CD just doesn’t read audio tracks from disk image. I have tried many other virtual drives including Daemon tools, which was a real pain in the ass to install btw, and all of them failed to run or read audio tracks. The most stable one was Virtual Clone CD and I am using it now. For BGM, I just ripped the CD and playing MP3s from background app. It works for me. Sometimes it gives me a wrong music at a wrong situation though.

    For the CPU speed wise, my i5 2500K desktop gives me around 300MHz and i5 laptop gives me around 260MHz and they run HOMM3 really fine. I just checked smartphone benchmarking rates which shows Nexus 10 scored only 8,000 points while newest Galaxy 6S scored 160,000 points. A huge gap isn’t it? 8,000 points can make 70MHz so 160,000 could make… I don’t know but much higher I guess. Maybe it’s time to let my iPhone 4 go and get a new Android phone.

    That is all for now. ‘IF’ I get a new phone I will share more experience with you guys.


    Hi, thank you very much for sharing the experiences.

    Yes, homam3 are slow. Maybe new devices generation will emulate it better. Fortunately there are plenty of other games which are working fine – Diablo 1 or Fallout 2.

    Today I am going to install windows 95 again. I just have version osr 2.5. Should be one of latest with many features. So I am interested how it will work.

    Participant page with all versions direct


    another good source for directx with compatibility list


    thank you.


    Thank you, Tony, for your great Win 95 + drivers + Fallout 2 video tutorial in 3 parts! Windows works like a charm in Magic DOSBox.

    Any chance to record the same video tutorial for Win 3.11 + drivers + any game?

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