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    My own and very customizable layout for Tomb Raider.


    1. sidestep (left), walk forward and sidestep (right)
    2. d-pad/joystick, diagonals are working
    3. walk backward

    A : Action/Enter key
    B : Jump
    X : Holster/unholster guns
    Y : Roll
    Z : Walk
    O : Look
    Left Arrow : Turn left
    Right Arrow : Turn right

    Most of the buttons can be set on auto-mode by double tapping on them (can be toggle ON/OFF in options)
    Double tap on X will unholster the weapon and start auto fire (auto-A)
    Going in Auto-walk mode (by double tap on Z) will allow to change left and right arrows of the part 4 to sidesteps (instead of turning). This need “Alt. Sidesteps” to be enabled in options.
    Double B is mostly useful underwater. In options, you can set it to “smart” mode (the button should be blue) meaning that the double B function will work only underwater. This needs Pixel Trap.

    There are also some hidden widgets
    Tap on top left corner to do sidestep to the left, top right corner for right sidestep
    Tap on down center part of the screen to walk forward.
    Double tap on the screen to toggke ESC. key.
    Swipe from down to up to open Options Menu of the Layout


    options menu

    Taping Lara’s head will give you some good advices.

    Highter the resolution = more choppy game.
    Pixel Trap is enabled by default. Disable it if you dont use “Zoom” aspect ratio to improve performances.
    When using Zoom aspect ratio, up and down part of the screen are cropped. Swipe from up to down to make them visible. When using Zoom aspect ratio, don’t forget to tap on “I’m using Pixel Trap” or “I don’t use Pixel Trap” button (depending if Pixel Trap is enabled or not) to be able to see on screen useful information like Life and Breath but also ammo count.
    “Zoom” aspect ratio is an almost fullscreen aspect ratio and don’t create image distorsion.
    “Normal” aspect ratio is the regular one.
    Other ratios will result in a distorded image.
    “Less Black Borders” have to be disabled if using resolution 8 combined with Normal aspect ratio
    To play in VGA mode, use the resolution 8 and Normal aspect Ratio. You can this way use Filters to enhance graphics. A “VGA Zoom” aspect ratio is available too, but Filters canno’t be used with it.

    You can create your own default configuration (the widget that pop on the up left corner when starting the game).
    To do it, follow the guide.

    Choose the layer then the widget.

    Edit this widget and the combo associated.
    The 1st Combo (red rectangle) is only use for choosing a screen resolution. In the list of availbale widgets, USE ONLY THOSE WITH #START at the beginning of their names. These widgets are all on the top of the list.
    The 2nd Combo (blue rectangle) is only use for choosing your buttons options (double tap etc.). Same as above, use only #START tagged widgets in the list.

    Scroll down to be able to see the 3rd Combo (green rectangle). This one is only for choosing an aspect ratio. As above, use only #START widgets.
    Validate, save, bravo ! Next time the game will start, the widget on the top left corner will use your own configuration.

    Made with and for Huawei P30 Pro

    Note : use these settings for a correct configuration of Gravis UltraSound.


    Zoom aspect ratio with Pixel Trap to see your health bar on screen.

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