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    I already got win95 working but cant figure out how to install games that needs dif discs to switch trough.

    What should I put on the HDD as img and what is enough as separate iso?

    I put the files of the iso for “install disc” into an 1GB .img. Also separately put both “intall” and “play” disc in settings of the mgc. Whenever i try to “switch disk” in game it just says “ok” …

    No idea what to do.

    Also one other thing: whow to get better sound quality? i have no experince in DOS and in retro hardware. Neither understand the settings.

    I have a Samsung galaxy A70,6GB of ram an sd675.

    I aprreciate all kind of help πŸ™‚



    In video guide on youtube I show how to install daemon tools for mounting iso files. You must out iso to win95 hdd with winimage app or similar.

    Best is if you installed win95 on 2gb image and second hdd is again 2gb. This way you can hace 4gb. Put iso on first hdd and install on second. Because diablo2 full install has more then 2gb, you should split it

    But best for diablo2 is exagear app


    Hey, first of all thank you fir the reply.

    In the begginning i want to mention that I dont like the festure of exegear that its “continously recording my iputs”

    Would you like to link your youtube video with the guide you are talking about? I found it so hsrd to find to the point titles. You must have shown it for one game but cant find which. I should be glad enough if you coukd just type the name of the game where you show it as well.

    Thank you

    Al ex

    Iirc, you can extract all files from the iso archives with 7zip, and copy them to an .img file with UltraISO (in a Windows PC).


    So I tried out many things.

    First of all extracting content of a working win95 by “path” by opening every single path in WinImage.

    Than injecting those as a folder into an empty 2gb hdd.

    Result: DOS boots up,:

    Drive C is mounted as [path]
    Dive D is mounted as [path]
    Booting drive C…
    (and nothing I cant type, nothing.. i can only “shut down the machine”)

    Secondly I tried to create a new win95 but this time as a vhd with size of 2gb with VM.

    Than I converted that into an img. by using the .bat file.

    Result: DOS boots up,:

    Drive C is mounted as [path]
    Dive D is mounted as [path]
    Booting drive C…

    F1 . . . Dos
    F5 . . . disk2

    Default: F1
    (and again nothoing…)

    In first place I tried ti put the play iso in desktop in win95img. when it was just 1 gb. I had the same msg. So i thought it comes from the iso inside ..somewhere…

    Any idea what now?

    (Btw as you can read i managed to save editted .img)

    Thank you.


    An did you change disk size in imgmount? 2gb hdd has other dimensions


    I did.

    Lets try it from another perspective:

    D rive seems to read 2GB hdd however i cant make c drive do the same thing.
    The problem comes when I want to put the win files on the 2gb HDD. How are you doing that? Can you check it fro me if you can do that from the 512 img? So yes how? Ive tried extracting it than injecting but it seems like something isnt there that needs to be.

    How to create (working) a 2GB win95.img?

    Thank you


    Hm, I always installed windows on c: I have win95 now on 1gb big hdd, but i dont see reason why it should not work with 2gb. I installed it, i did not copy that. But you are right, moving data files from smaller disk to bigger should not be problem by win95.

    How big is the diablo2 iso?


    The thing is simply that win95 self wont even boot. So it doesnt matter if diablo iso is on or not.

    Just tried ANOTHER (XD) win 95 installation this time in an other way. The img is actually 2024mb. I copied the 512img profile. Than switched the img to the new one. And it stops by “booting from drive C…”

    As a reply to your question:

    install iso: 624mb
    play iso: 641mb

    Al ex

    I’m currently on vacation, so I’m not able to do more in-depth testing (that’ll have to wait til monday πŸ˜‰), but to give an example, these are my Diablo 2 mounting commands (Win95 on a 512MB C drive, Diablo II on a 2GB D drive):
    imgmount c /storage/0000-0000/Games/PC/Win95/c.img -t hdd -fs fat -size 512,63,32,520
    imgmount d /storage/0000-0000/Games/PC/Win95/2GB_Diablo2.img -t hdd -fs fat -size 512,63,64,1023
    boot -l c


    @alex – so you have version less then 2gb

    you hang on the boot. Can you get to safe mode?


    Btw, how is it now with win95, i read microsoft released some version for free


    I’m currently on vacation, so I’m not able to do more in-depth testing (that’ll have to wait til monday πŸ˜‰)-> sure. i already wasted too much time on it… (my own fault)

    Diablo II on a 2GB D drive-> do you just put the two ISO onto that 1 2gb hdd?

    you hang on the boot. Can you get to safe mode?-> Sadly no. I cant because the prompt “win95 is starting” isnt even showing up.

    Btw, how is it now with win95, i read microsoft released some version for free-> well i dont know. so far i have seen the internet archive as well as winworld had iso’s. So I assume it should be an abandonware now.


    Here are the youtube links in order

    Can you paste your dosbox config? Do you have enabled svn core? Should be unchecked.

    Use osr2 version for win95, but all should work


    You cant imagine how many times i watched those clips in the last 3 days. xD …

    I have read that svn cire needs to be dissabled so its off.

    I use osr2. Btw osr2 should be able to boot FAT32 somehow and that will mean that it should accept more than 4 gb in total.

    Do you recommend to use more than 64gb ram?

    Yesterday i succeeded to intall diablo 2 with the 512 mb img win 95. I made 2 folders on a 2gb hdd.img 1 with the 2 iso. And the other called “games” where ininstalled the game. However i cant run the games exe. Soni cant run the game.

    Dosbox config:

    #Amount of video memory in megabytes (0-8).
    # The maximum resolution and color depth the svga_s3 will be able to display
    # is determined by this value.
    # 0: 512k (800×600 at 256 colors)
    # 1: 1024×768 at 256 colors or 800×600 at 64k colors
    # 2: 1600×1200 at 256 colors or 1024×768 at 64k colors or 640×480 at 16M colors
    # 4: 1600×1200 at 64k colors or 1024×768 at 16M colors
    # 8: up to 1600×1200 at 16M colors
    #Amount of video memory in kilobytes, in addition to vmemsize


    #valid cputypes (Ykhwong SVN):
    # a)auto
    # b)386
    # c)486
    # d)pentium
    # e)386_prefetch
    # f)pentium_mmx
    cycles=max 105%
    #cycles=fixed 80000






    @Echo Off
    imgmount c /storage/emulated/0/Drive_C/OS/test.img -t hdd -fs fat -size 512,63,64,1023
    imgmount d /storage/emulated/0/Drive_C/OS/Drivers.img -t hdd -fs fat -size 512,63,16,32
    boot -l c

    Btw its now giving a “j” i the nect prompt after “botting c…”

    What are the specs of a shield android tablet?

    Im not familiar wirh forums so i tried ti be as clear as possible πŸ˜…

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