diablo 2 bought from battlenet.com on magic dosbox

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    hello my dear friend i bought diablo 2 from battlenet.com and i can run this game on magic dosbox but apper the message
    ,,,, a required DLL file Ws2_32.DLL was not found and this comunicate DiabloII was unable to find GAme.exe please make sure your application is correctly is installed, and that your Play Disc is in your CD_ROM drive and try again,,,,,
    bought the game I downloaded straight from battlenet.com. Game installs the starter exe
    here are the files that I installed:
    – binkw32.dll -196 KB
    – bnetlog -192 bajt
    – D2.LNG – 1,50 KB
    – d2char.mpq – 251 MB
    – d2data.mpq – 249 MB
    – d2music.mpq – 332 MB
    – d2sfx.mpq – 46,6 MB
    – d2speech.mpq – 203 MB
    – d2video.mpq – 429 MB
    – default.key – 1,11 KB
    – Diablo II Install Log – 2,35 KB
    – Diablo II – 41,9 KB
    – Game – 3,41 MB
    – ijl11.dll – 176 KB
    – patch_d2.mpq – 7,74 MB
    – SmackW32.dll – 93 KB
    do you have any ideas on how to start a game

    Al ex

    Can you run the game in the official Dosbox PC version? Sometimes, these classics come with modern installers and other tweaks that break Win95 compatibility.
    Try to set up your Win95 environment on a PC, that’s much easier.
    I’d suggest a “c.img” harddisk file for the Win95 installation, and a larger “d.img” harddisk file that should contain the installer. Install the game inside Win95 to another folder on this d.img drive.
    If your version is not compatible with Win95, the installation will close with an error message at this point already. If not, this will ensure everything is copied and registered where it belongs.
    If you get it working on your PC, you can copy both the c.img and d.img files to your phone and set them up in Magic Dosbox.


    Windows on magic dosbox run by the script
    imgmount 2 win95osr.img -t hdd -fs none -size 512,63,32,520 img 512mb
    imgmount 3 hdd-2gb.img -t hdd -fs none -size 512,63,64,1023 img 2gb
    boot -l c

    whether it is possible to create 3 hard disk with a capacity of 2 gb
    how such a script would look like
    imgmount 2 win95osr.img -t hdd -fs none -size 512,63,32,520 img 512mb
    imgmount 3 hdd-2gb.img -t hdd -fs none -size 512,63,64,1023 Here I installed diablo 2 from the disk 3
    imgmount 4 hdd-2gb.img -t hdd -fs none -size 512,63,64,1023 Here I threw diablo 2-setup
    boot -l c

    or would need to win 95 OSR installed on the image 2gb
    c contain disk installed win95osr (400mb) and setup diablo 2 (1,45gb)
    then the c drive I installed diablo on disk d
    if there is the possibility of magic dosbox to win 95 to have a hard c d and e or c 2gb hard drive and 2GB d-

    Al ex

    Windows 95 doesn’t support more than two hard drives, so you’re out of luck – no drive e with 2 GB.

    But I think your other idea is good: use a 2GB Win95osr.img instead of only 512 MB, copy the installer there, then install the game to hdd-2gb.img, and delete the installer afterwards to free up space on your Win95osr volume again.

    For easy file handling, I suggest you use UltraISO. You can easily copy files to hdd images with this tool.

    And don’t expect too much. Diablo 2 is hardware hungry, it runs veeery slowly in mobile Dosbox, unless you have a very powerful phone (=rooted & tweaked Galaxy S7 or similar).


    He owns nvidia shield tablet, so it will run (not perfectly, but will). Trouble is that diablo 2 takes more than 2GB after installation… To solve that I deleted some files…;D ;D It’s not crashing…:D But probably will later in the game;)

    Maybe vanilla diablo 2, or ripped version will be better solution.


    i bought nvidia shield k1 one month ago. i have ultraISO I get down to work and let you know

    Al ex

    Uh… the battle.net website says “1.9 GB available hard drive space”, that’ll be a close one. If it will install at all, because on the same website, Windows XP is listed as minimum requirement.

    If the installer works, and if the file size is too large, maybe you can delete the video container file (d2video.mpq) during install, or replace it with a 0 Bytes dummy file during installation.

    Or you install it on your PC outside Dosbox, then copy the files to a 2 GB hard drive image file, and copy that to your phone. And hope it’s only the installer which needs WinXP, and the game itself will run in Win95.

    The last solution would be to get hold of the original CD version. Can’t point you to illegal downloads, obviously, and you’d still need a cd key, but the cd version is available e.g. on Amazon for a few bucks (the “Bestseller” series for 7 EUR), and that one’s officially listed as Win95 compatible.


    He tried to win 95 and win 98 appears comminicate I have uploaded to the new version Windows
    I tried jet on win XP
    i run on magic dosbox/win95 diablo 1 and diablo hellfire botch language polish and from no cd patch and d2LOD polish version i run on exagear rpg and i run d2 on magic dosbox/win95 but english language why I wanted to start d2 with the Polish language
    d2 img2gb language english download from this site https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQUqMC5G5Ak

    Al ex

    Ah, so you’ve got it running already?


    I guys. I’m new of magic dosbox.
    I’m trying to play Diablo II on my s7 edge.
    I installed the app, and copied the game and the config file into the internal storage.
    But when I launch the game in magic dosbox only a dos screen appears. The last row is: c:\
    How I can launch correctly the game?
    I followed some video guide but I didn’t understand the correct way to configure the app.

    Al ex

    what you need is at least a hard disk image file with Windows 95, and Diablo 2 installed. I’m using a 512 MB c.img with Windows, and another 2 GB image as drive d:, which contains the game. The advantage is, that you can copy multiple 2 GB images to your phone, and mount them in different game profiles. So you can more or less install as many games as you want (as many images as your SD card can hold).

    Anyway. In the game profile options, scroll down and check “Expert commands”. In expert settings, make sure you have set the correct mounting commands.

    My mountings look like this:
    @Echo Off
    imgmount c /storage/extSdCard/Games/PC/Win95/c.img -t hdd -fs fat -size 512,63,16,520
    imgmount d /storage/extSdCard/Games/PC/Win95/hdd-2gb.img -t hdd -fs fat -size 512,63,64,1023
    boot -l c

    The “boot -l c” command is mandatory to boot up Win95. Maybe adding this will already fix your issue.

    If you’re unsure about the mounting, you can look up the correct hd mounting parameters for your hd image file size in the readme included in this package: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zpo4x975poe7co6/HDD_Images.zip/file
    You can also use the empty image files if you wnat to add more games.

    Check out this layout. It’s for Diablo 1, but I guess it can be easily adapted for Diablo 2.


    Thanks a lot for your help.
    I launched win95 but at the login different errors appear.
    SAboutometimes a blue screen of fatal error.
    In case I can biot win95 correctly a window about problem with the display settings appears.
    Can I solve them?
    Also I have some problem with dll when I launch the game


    Maybe you have enabled svn core which is less compatible with win95


    No it is disable as default.
    I modified only the settings suggested by Alex about the boot.
    Another question.
    Someone has a suitable conf file of the settings about the system and of the widgets?

    Al ex

    Here’s the contents of my expert settings. You need to tweak quite a bit to get Win95 working. Just paste all this into your Expert commands section, and make sure you modify the mountings to match your file & folder structure:



    # valid core are: normal, simple, full, auto, dynamic
    # dynamic is the fastest and optimized for the ARM processor + works with Win9x
    # new paging methods from MB6 & Ykhwong SVN introduce new cputype settings:
    # valid cputypes are: 386, 486, 386_prefetch (*), 486_prefetch (*), pentium, pentium_mmx
    # (*) = requires normal core setting instead of dynamic

    cycles=max 105%






    # Only enable MIDI if you have the necessary MT32 ROM files



    @Echo Off
    imgmount c /storage/9C33-6BBD/Games/PC/Win95/c.img -t hdd -fs fat -size 512,63,32,520
    imgmount d /storage/9C33-6BBD/Games/PC/Win95/2GB_Diablo2.img -t hdd -fs fat -size 512,63,64,1023
    boot -l c

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