Android 11 and storage changes.

Please read. This android version dramatically changes access to file system. Also read about SAF performance to benchmark your device.

Magic Dosbox : v83 released 3.8.2021
  • physical mouse support is up to date
  • samsung s-pen support – update for button recognition
  • samsung devices – fixed bug when widget where incorrectly scaled after screen rotation
  • different font and interface buttons sizes – samsung makes runtime changes to dpi+screen size, this leads to wrong user interface controls sizes, in many cases were controls 2-3 times bigger then they should be and was almost impossible use them. This update fixes it, however all devices will be affected. Some will see a bit bigger fonts/controls, some a bit smaller (then before).
  • fixed startup bug for Screamer
  • deadly strike/combo – added new properties to special action (Hide cursor (toggle), Show cursor, Hide cursor, Disable mouse (toggle), Enable mouse, Disable mouse
  • physical mouse – in mouse options is now possible turn on interaction with widgets. It works only for by visible system cursor. Physical mouse in “Full mouse support” can’t reach the widgets. However, deadly strike/combo allows now quickly switch between double cursor and full support.

Merry christmas friends:) I send best wishes to every corner of this real or magical world – (wherever you are) πŸ™‚

Magic Dosbox : v81 released 27.10.2020
  • added Pixel Trap feature – possibility to trigger action on specific pixel
  • restart fix for some bluetooth controllers
  • added korean translation
  • updated french translation
  • special widget – added swap image option

Many thanks to all for help by this release, it was a lot of work. Many thanks for help and ideas to Alex, Zebumper, SongJiang, Marco, Jinoo83 and many others.

Topic About Android Q and storage changes

Soon after v78 was released version 79 which reverts fixes for samsung game launcher
Version 78 is out!
  • Key widget supports autofire
  • fixed compatibility with samsung game launcher
  • fixed screen size for games like ravenloft or menzoberranzan
  • fixed crash on devices with broken sound card
Magic Dosbox : v74 released 29.3.2019

Well, break version is out…
EDIT : In logs occurs crashes on devices samsung s9 and note 9. Crash happens when mdosbox quits. EDIT2 : we can reproduce it, working on fix

Magic Dosbox : next version

Next version will be released in first March week and will bring nothing new except warning for upcoming version 74. Please read about special break version below.

Website docs

Yes πŸ™‚ After so long time I work on so much outdated website docs πŸ™‚ It should be finished during Holidays.

Break version
Please read important changes about upcoming special version

We need help with testing on android device with x86/x86 64Bit processors. Would like to someone help us? Many thanks.

Magic Dosbox : v71 released 24.12.2018
  • Fixed physical mouse support on Samsung S8 with Android 8
  • Dim navigation bar and fullscreen options were moved from advanced settings to ‘Screen adjust’ which offers now access to screen design and navigation bar visibility options. Since this version is not necessary restart Magic Dosbox when switching to/from fullscreen mode.
  • Mapper/Voodoo – added throttle axis to detection
  • Custom screen resize was increased up to 400%

Redesigned game profile options

  • Options are now in different order and some options looks differently
  • Button ‘GET’ on right side of main program and setup can quickly update expert settings by GUI options
  • Main and setup program have now special options menu where is possible set exe parameters and free size for currect session. Main program sets by default 250MB free space, setup program sets 750MB.
  • Native dosbox option ‘aspect’ was removed from GUI. This should be now fixed with screen adjustment inside game. In expert settings is still possible setup this flag.
Magic Dosbox : v70 released 19.10.2018
  • Virtual keyboard bugfixes
  • Virtual keyboard supports now numpad
Magic Dosbox : v69 released 16.10.2018
  • Fixed compatibility with s-pen. S-pen now supports double tap and long press gestures
  • changed strategy for detection physical mouse and samsung s-pen. Hope it will work much better for devices which have problems now and hopefully currently working devices will be not bugged. Android is in this very inconsistent.
  • Current virtual keyboard, which was based on limited android API, was removed. New virtual keyboard is re-implemented from scratch and we can fully control it. This step was necessary for continuing work on console mode.
Magic Dosbox : v68 released 08.08.2018
  • General settings window was not displayed in Design mode when back button was bound to Escape key. Fixed, thanks for report
  • Restored functionality for displaying options menu with hardware menu key
Magic Dosbox : v67 released 04.08.2018
  • Fixed bug introduced in previous version when some dialogs looks weird after orientation change.
  • Fixed unwanted screen resize when dim and fullscreen mode were enabled together, priority is now set on fullscreen mode.
  • Another bunch of improvements for physical mouse on systems with android 8
Magic Dosbox : v66 released 13.07.2018
  • better absolute and relative mode for physical mouse
  • devices with android 6 and older can’t hide double cursor and must use absolute or relative mode
  • devices with android 7 can hide double cursor, but must use absolute or relative mouse mode
  • devices with android 8+ can enjoy fully functional physical mouse without double cursor and without any limitations.
  • devices with android 7+ can toggle android cursor visibility with mouse wheel DOWN action (or with Special widget)
  • removed flag which allowed interaction between physical mouse and widgets – this allows much better physical mouse functionality. If there will be demand, this feature can be restored in next updates
  • Shortcut creation feature was not working in Oreo. Fixed
Cookies and Policy update

We updated cookies and policy rules. Please read. Probably we will send existing users email about this change. Our database contained a lot spammers from time when we did not use captcha. There was no way how to differentiate humans and bots, so we deleted users with zero posts and comments. I am sorry to all people who were deleted. Please create account again.

Magic Dosbox : v65 released 12.05.2018
  • fixed double tap. Fixed cancelation conflict between longpress and double tap
  • Console mode is now temporarily disabled
Magic Dosbox : v64 released 02.05.2018
  • bugfixes
Magic Dosbox : v63 released 01.05.2018
  • Bugfixes in diming navigation bar
  • Added immersive mode option to advanced settings. Changing this flag requires game restart, because widgets must be recreated based on new screen size.
  • Fixed bug when widgets were loaded in incorrect orientation
  • Save/Load states menu will be visible for both cores, but default core displays message, that svn core is needed
  • Walkthrough widget supports now html, png, jpg, jpeg, bmp and txt files. Loading pdf files is problem.
  • Widgets support new flag “passthrough”. Widgets with this flag enabled dont block touch event. This way is possible activate widgets which are placed on some position below down the control tree.
  • layers support flag “modal”. For mode details search on web meaning of “modal window”.
  • longpress gesture update, in one combination there was too big range detection
Magic Icons Designer : version 4 released (20180415)
  • added 17 new icons for styling FPS games like Duke3D


22.0.02018 – Magic Icons Designer v1.0

Released Database of more then 250+ hand painted icons for styling mDosbox layouts.


Version is out 62

  • Layers menu will be hidden when picking point by target widget. Crash fix.
  • Bugfixes when importing custom images with name which was already added
  • Gamepad Mapper now can bind Key widget. Gamepad buttons now can profit from Key widget’s doubletap feature.

Console mode/Blue cursor update

Magic Dosbox now supports Android 8 features and we must accept changes which were done between Android 5 to 8. We tried test Magic Dosbox as much as possible in the time when we added support for Oreo. However we missed one thing. Console Mode is based on using special blue cursor which sits always on top of everything. To get it work, we used feature which was deprecated in higher Android version and cannot be used anymore. This version provides partial fix. However we must request permissions for SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW. It should be granted automatically by install time from google play and for many people there should not be difference. Bad is, that Magic Dosbox is not available through google play on Android TV and this means, Magic Dosbox is not granted by this permission. We implemented manual requesting, however Android TV does not support it.

For Android TV Operating system :

Do not worry. Android TV is not out. Before Christmas time we initiated work on fully functional console mode based on LeanBack TV library. And it looks really good! For now, disable console mode and connect physical mouse or use touchpad on external keyboard to control magic dosbox on Android TV.


Merry Christmas friends πŸ™‚

New version

  • fixed sve states problem by game Raiden
  • improved cdrom mounting via GUI

Started “Benchmark” thread on forum.


New version

Magic Dosbox now supports two locations for settings – private and public. Each location has own advantages and disadvantages. Since version 58 can people switch between private and public location on first page in “Welcome screen”. Custom public location can be still picked in global settings.

  • Changing data directory from “MagicBox” to “.MagicBox”
  • implemented android runtime storage permission introduced in android 6
  • magic dosbox now targets android 8, we can now implement better external mouse support. Unfortunately, targeting android 8 needs drop support for android systems below version 4.0. This restriction was made by google team. 0.2% devices with donated version still run on these old systems. Please, if possible, upgrade to newer device or contact us
  • svn core will support Save/Load states. Use them like a help, but at the end use regular saves. Save states are tightly bound with development, we will not hesitate to make saved states invalid due new features. Save states don’t cover every situation, use at your own risk
  • Fixed crash introduced in previous version, thanks for report

New version

  • fixes in control scheme, relative mouse triggred in some situation unwanted click and relative mouse will start smoothly when pressed, instead a small jump, increased number of simultaneous touches to 4 (now is possible press ctrl+alt+shift+del)
  • fixed bug when was not possible switch zoom action to mouse on double tap gesture
  • added Polish translation! Many thanks Wiktor for your hard work:)
  • walkthrough widget – fixed bug in horizontal scrolling and added text search bar
  • zoom widget can be added to bag
  • closing bag in design mode crashed in rare situation, fixed
  • fixed crash caused by attempt to edit non-editable widget
  • fixed situation when going back from selection mode led to error

Many thanks for bugs report, some bugs are still figuring in logs. To get them fixed, best is to send us report via google play console report system in case of crash and send us short email with instructions how to simulate bug.


Updated youtube channel


Version 54

  • added support for multiple layers!
  • fixed absolute mouse for game Syndicate! Because mDosbox has none database for games identification, is necessary enable this fix manually in advanced settings
  • reduced minimum size for selection in telescope widget’s stream mode
  • widgets with colored background(not textured) will eat much less GPU memory and will load faster
  • added drag2resize for widgets – resizing widgets will much easier now with implemented dragging slider
  • added new action to deadly strike/combo widget for controlling layers visibility
  • and more…

Many thanks to Alex, BorjaRRR, Mr.Scienceman2000, Ging An, OleGamerUA, Josip Prekratic, Stefano for help. Thanks to all for support.

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