Break Version 2019

Some time ago Google announced BIG changes in application development and publishing to google play store. Since August 2019 will be not possible make updates for applications which don’t fully support 64bit devices. Magic Dosbox always supported only 32bit devices. Fortunately, necessary steps were done and in near future will be released version with support fo 64Bit devices. Together with this change will be updated svn core to latest official sources. It means, that all existing save states will be invalid, you must save your games with regular game save system before upgrade.

First will be released version with warning message, soon after that will go out break version. Expected release date for special version is February. May happen, that first will be released some standard versions.

Main changes :

  • x86 and arm devices get 64bit binaries
  • svn core will be up to date, save states will be invalid
  • deep changes in magic core
  • up to date with android 9

Other changes:

  • support for custom theme. In first version will be supported custom icons and texts, later colors
  • added acceleration for gamepad mouse
  • svn core adds new sound core for gameblaster and tandy, based on mame?/li:
  • svn core now controls correct geometry for mounted images, some may be not loaded. See premade images
  • rewritten localization detection, hope nothing will be breaked :-X