Version 53

  • Looper widget – added double tap for opposite direction
  • Telescope widget improvements:
  • 1.streaming mode!
  • 2.streaming to foreground/background(if possible use background, it’s much more efficient)
  • 3.mouse buttons setup support in streaming mode
  • 4.trigger for deadly strike when tapped on custom place in zoom widget
  • Magic Dosbox will now remember various last choices like paths etc.
  • removed “Default drive c:\” from global settings – in new game profile will be added latest picked path
  • new option in advanced settings for setting background texture
  • added Spanish translation
Updated youtube channel!


Version 52 released :

  • fixed crash on devices with small resolutions (when one side is below 400pixels)
  • added Loopers – possibility loop over set of keys. Loopers are available via Voodoo control/Gamepad & tilt option. And was added new widget which controls loopers as well
  • Removed L2 and R2 axis option from Voodoo control/Gamepad & tilt option. This option was merged with buttons option. It will be much more user friendly. But please setup these L2/R2 again.
  • fixed situation when saving global settings reverted material design theme to fantasy
  • In Power/Cycles menu is now possible enter cycles value manually

Updated youtube channel!


Version 50 is out ! Enjoy:)

  • Magic Dosbox now supports two themes : Fantasy and Standard theme. Standard theme uses more common titles, and icons are painted according to Google’s Material Design style.
  • added welcome screen. Each re-installation triggers this welcome screen initial setup.
  • Uploading custom images will not be restricted on image size. Big Images will be automatically downscaled to 192x192px with preserved ratio.
  • Fixed problems when shortcuts created from games inserted in collection wont start.
  • Fixed issue on some x86 devices with android 4.3 introduced in latest build. I am sorry.
  • Target widget will send relative mouse to proper position, but only in case when game fully supports absolute coordinates

Many thanks to Alex, Ging An, Mr.Scienceman2000, Josip Prekratic, Elv, Eric and to all for support. Enjoy new version:)


Version 49 is out ! Enjoy:)

  • possibility import widgets from other profile
  • Deadly strike fixes in relative mouse action
  • Deadly strike update – added new action for starting another combo
  • Virtual dpad fix in mouse type
  • Added second dosbox core based on dosbox svn r4006. It’s possible switch between cores in game profile.

Updated youtube channel

Website update

Because of many spam bots was added captcha to registration and reset password forms. Please write me an email if any problems occur.

Updated youtube channel

Version 48 was released!

Release date : 19.01.2017

  • Quick bugfix
Happy New Year friends! 🙂
Version 47 was released!

Release date : 19.01.2017
-magnify effect with “Telescope” widget and double tap gesture is doubled
-aspect mode update. Landscape and portrait modes can be set independently now.
-rendering performance optimizations (thank you Emily)
mapper now supports two gamepads

Version 46 released!

Release date : 5.12.2016

  • added Italian translation (many thanks Stefano)
  • possibility to enable synaptic feedback on widgets (thanks Stefano)
  • key widget can send two keys at once
  • magic dosbox inbuilt keyboard can be switched to russian version with small russian characters
  • gamepad mapper supports 8 directional keypad(Patch will be not included. Angles are too small and physical gamepad wont handle it well). Instead was added special keypad type “Diagonal” – slightly rotated 4way keypad. Now is possible bind normal 4way keypad to left stick and “diagonal” keypad to right stick. This will fix movement with gamepad in games like Champions of Krynn

Version 45 released!


Updated youtube channel


Started v42 testing
Started testing of the upcoming version 42. If this reads someone who owns Android TV (Nvidia shield TV or Asus nexus player) and want help us, please contact us via email or on forum. We need 1-2 screenshots for google play made on android TV. It’s requirement to get Magic Dosbox visible through google play via Android TV. Thank you.

Testing performance on Samsung S7 Edge

Thank you Alex for great videos. Real performance is better – recording slows down things

Next version
  • Virtual joystick supports full two axis range
  • Virtual joystick supports resizing of the inner circle
  • Redesigned gestures options
  • fixed reported crash – “bad token exception”. Occasionally when user pressed back button on phone, mDosbox crashed. It should be fixed now.
  • Key widget can be toggleable
  • Fixed resize problem on ChromeBooks (big thanks to Magnus)
  • Added support for mounting multiple floppies. “Swap image” can cycle over them. No user interface for now, only console
  • Magic Dosbox’s interface is now fully controllable with Gamepad!
  • Updated banner for Android TV
  • Fixed S-pen issue on note 5
  • Occasionally Magic Dosbox crashed by polling input events from android to dosbox. This cross-thread crash should be now fixed. Many thanks to M-HT for help!

Version 41 was released. It fixes wrong double click in deadly strike macro and one reported crash.

We received several crash reports through google play from  “Galaxy S6 (zeroflte)”. If the author of the crash reports is reading this – please contact us. We need additional information.


Released version 40:) Enjoy:)


Updated youtube channel : Playing Duke3D on Android using tilt sensor.

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