Use 386mb RAM Build for Fallout 2 Restoration Patch WITH controls?


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    So I picked up the 386mb RAM custom-build from the Fallout 2 Thread here in order to play Fallout 2 Restoration Patch. The game itself loads perfectly, but I can’t get the controls I set up for it in the Paid version to move over to this build because it’s the Free version. I set everything to “Public”, and I am able to copy my “layout.xml” from the “Games/Data/<string>” to “GamesLite/Data/<string>”, but the layout file causes the app to crash as soon as I click the game Icon.

    Edit: I have tested every file and it is *definitely* the “layout.xml” that causes this crash. I also tried making a new “layout.xml” file inside the Free version and then just copy-pasting the text-content of the old .xml into this one, and got same result.

    Al ex

    Can’t work, because the free version doesn’t support most of the features of the paid version. So naturally, if you copy a complex layout over to the free version, it’ll crash.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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