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    Wiktor Żarski

    Gravis Ultrasound

    Some people certainly like to play games with the best possible music effects,
    but not everyone knew that in some old games like DOOM you can enable high quality MIDI music,
    which is so much better than this what offer you standard emulation of SoundBlaster.

    I mean here an emulation of the Gravis Ultrasound sound card.

    Not everyone want to digging in the internet to search files which DosBox needs to enable GUS emulation
    or experimenting with destilating these files from previously installed programs for Ultrasound controling.
    For them I shared ready to use in any DosBox program an ULTRASND folder which give possibility to GUS emulating.

    You only have to do:

    1. Paste folder ULTRASND there where you setting up your drive C:\ when you starting up your game
    2. Enable GUS emulation in dosbox.conf
    3. Set up Gravis Ultrasound in your game setup as your Music Sound Card

    Click to download GUS External Files

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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