Transport Tycoon Deluxe mouse issue

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    Hi all,

    I have been fiddling with Magic Dosbox and it is great how you can customize it all. Putting buttons everywhere and creating your own interface ontop of the game. Awesome.

    I am trying to get a few basic point-and-click games (which bring back so many memories) to work properly to just enjoy the game.

    One of these games is Transport Tycoon Deluxe, or TTD as fans of this game would call it.
    I did play it back in the day of DOS a great many hours. When it was ported to a Windows game with loads of mods and updates I also played that a lot. And now it would be incredible to be able to play this gem on a my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 which I was tempted to throw in the trash, but didnt… (so glad I didn’t.)

    The game is freely available now in different forms. I wont link to it, but it can be found on several sites.
    I took the DOS version (with new graphics patch) and loaded it into Magic Dosbox and … IT WORKED!

    I had to tweak the sensitivity of the mouse and set it to absolute to be able to press the tiny corners of the windows to close them, but it worked. I changed the gesture for longpress to activate the right mouse button, because this scrolls the window. This also worked. But then there is a problem.

    The problem is: when I longpressed and moved the window to another location, it moves. After that I want to click somewhere in the window to do an action (place a road for example). Then the mousepointer does the action, but not on the place I pressed. The pointer is off by a lot. It seems like when moving the windows/map with longpress, the normal mousepointer does not move with it. It is a bit hard to explain, I hope you understand.

    Is there a way to reset the normal mouse pointer to the center of the screen when I release the screen after moving (when I stop moving I remove my finger from the screen, ending the longpress0-action).

    I am sorry if my explanation is not clear. And if I made any grammar mistakes, please forgive me. English is not my navive lanuage. I am from The Netherlands.
    Thanks in advance for any tips on this.



    Welcome:) i know what you have on mind. Mouse reset is available like a action of special widget or combo widget. Unfortunately, as far as i remember on longpress end is not possible bind mouse reset. You must make it manualy. Or you can play with relative mouse…in some cases it is best solution (with two point tap combination or longpress gesture).


    I will try it.


    You could also try “open ttd”.
    A free prot of transport tycoon deluxe for Windows and Android. Controls are optimized for touchscreen


    I did create an extra button to reset the morse after each move. This works for the game But is a bit laborious. Still, it makes me na able to play it.

    I will look into open ttd. Thanks for the suggestion. I thought the open ttd only worked in Windows and not on Android. Thanks!

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