The Update Intended to fix controls Nov.19 has ruined mine

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    I guess ill start looking at 3rd party keymappers.


    Ok, I will send you previous version on email, please send me order number to email.


    So how about you upload the apps previous version via the playstore so i can use this again ? this isnt working for me and i think ive ruled out everything thing on my end short of act of god. If im wrong the previous build wont fix anything. If im right it will fix everything. seems pretty cut and dry.


    thanks! To whom am i sending this too ? The dev ? Contact info is in app?


    Ok so how do i get the order number? Im looking in accounts purchase history in the playstore app . It shows your app being purchased 8/27/17 there is a view button i pressed it goes to the app. Is it in gmail? Let me look


    Found the order number in that mess that is my gmail . Just need to know email adress u want it sent to .


    Do you have this enabled?


    Good note, do you have it enabled?

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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