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    Here a little-simple .mgc for the fantastic Settlers 2.
    Made for Samsung S7 edge.

    I adjusted the screen to hide the little frame on borders and the buttons top-down on the screen. And I added somes widgets to replace them in a friendly way. Relative mouse.

    Download : The Settlers 2

    Icons made by Lorc, Delapouite & contributors (

    Screenshots :

    The [X] button top left trigger the ESC key. Very usefull to close the menus without click with the relative mouse
    The arrow button in the bottom left is the space key,
    The telescope in the bottom right zooming on/off
    Top right the Menu button and the “message” icon.

    You can “swipe” to move the camera up/down/left/right or use the double finger tap ^^

    enjoy !

    Al ex

    “Little-simple”? Man, I’d love to see one of your complicated ones. ?
    Very nice laayout, thank you very much! ?


    I mean, it took me just a few hours to achieve this one. Layouts for Leisure Suit Larry 5 & 6 took me some weeks each 🙂 But I’m not a “fast” person, and I like taking my time…
    One can count 11 layers for Larry 6 CD, and a lot of widgets XD. Will upload it soon.

    Thanks for your comment anyway 🙂

    PS : do you think I can make a post on the forum to list the .mgc made by the community? A simple one : game’s title/creator of mgc/link to the post ?

    Al ex

    Sounds like a great idea. May require quite a lot of work, so thanks in advance if you’ll decide to do it. ?


    Would be great:) I have nothing against 🙂 would be awesome if I could add these profiles directly to application one day

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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