some feedback after a long time using mDB (especially with pixel trap)

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    Hi !
    I post there some thoughts about possible improvements. I’m using the app for a long time now and made some really complex .mgc, mostly using the wonderful pixel trap function and have face some things that could be better :

    1. the possibility of changing orders of actions in a Combo widget, just like we can change layer’s order
    2. same thing for pixels traps, because the order of the pixel traps could have an importance
    3. the possibility of creating a pixel trap by just indicating coords and rbg colour. For example : at x=150 and y=75 the RGB colour 0/0/74. This to avoid the need to reach a specific part of the game just for some damn pixels XD. And so we could use game screenshots found on the net to know wich colour to search at wich coord (yes, a feature for lazy people)
    4. conditions for widget : how about the possibility to indicate conditions for a widget to work. Example : i have a pixel trap triggering a Widget. I would love to specify some additionnal conditions for this widget to work, like : “if this layer is visible”, “if this widget is active”, “if this key is pressed” “if the mouse is in a certain mode” … and so on. So the widget will work only if the pixel trap and the additional conditions are both OK.

    Thats all folks ! 🙂
    Thanks again for this app !

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