Romance of the three Kingdoms 3

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    Hi ! Here is a .mgc file for ROTK3. Made for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.
    The game has very small details, the goal of this .mgc is to make the game cumfortable on my S7 edge. Playing on a smaller device will be difficult, because the layout I made is in harmony with the game, so widgets are smalls…

    Download the .mgc file

    You may find the manual and help on this site :

    Some screenshots and guide :

    – absolute mouse (manual correction 640×480)
    – swipe is bind to arrows keys
    – double-finger tap for right click
    – add layouts for keys
    – you can use the absolute mouse fonction with finger and/or use widgets and swipes for a keyboard style if you have difficulties because game details are small

    Main screen.
    TOP LEFT : show/hide “keyboard” widgets.
    TOP RIGHT : zoom widget
    BOTTOM LEFT : numpad widget usefull to enter values
    BOTTOM RIGHT : [hidden widget] a “enter” key, to validate choices. This part of the screen is not use in map and combat, you have no reason to touch it, so I just add a widget if needed. Very usefull when you’re playing in “keyboard” mode : swipe with left hand, press enter with right hand

    Main screen (with “keyboard”). In order left to right
    [+] : switch options / enter key / right click / numpad

    Main screen (with more options). In order left to right
    [+] : switch options / “select unit widget” (keyboard : space) / Yes (keyboard Y) / No (keyboard N)
    [Hide] : hide everything but this button and numpad (usefull in combat mode) / [Manual] you can attach a .html file

    The numpad ! The [c] key is for going back, the [max] button to select the max value available, but it will work ONLY if you have not moved the game-window that ask you a value.

    In zoom mode, you can choose the zone you want to see 😉

    Zoom power in action !

    Enjoy 🙂


    😀 You are crazy (in good) 😀 Many thanks

    Al ex

    Holy mother! That’s a work of art. ???


    Hahaha ! Thanks 😉

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