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    Np, it’s getting late here too.

    Al exAl ex

    Abracadabra! ?


    Same thing happened again. Should I just create a new thread for Colonization?

    Al exAl ex

    Alright, it’s back. That’s a weird one. ?
    It’s as if you had only permission to write posts, but not publish them. And only in this particular, your very own, thread.
    You can of course try to create a new one, and copy/paste the html content of your old topics.


    I created a new thread, which went fine. Then I tried to create a reply, and the same error occurred. The reply doesn’t show up.

    I also tried to make a short, two-word reply in the old thread, and that went fine.
    Does the site have anything against my HTML, or something?

    Al exAl ex

    I published your reply. Maybe it’s the image hosting service you’re using? It really looks like some kind of spam filter is going haywire – which is weird, considering there isn’t any active right now. ?


    I used Imgur in the first thread and postimg.cc in the second.


    I did some experimentation, and it seems I can’t have more than one inline image in the same reply. If there’s two or more images, it gets stuck in limbo.

    Maybe there’s a setting somewhere for number of images per post?

    Al exAl ex

    Thanks, that’s definitely a useful bit of information. ?
    I wonder if one of the two plugins (or both) that had been implemented here changed some of the forum configuration? That would explain why removing them didn’t help. We’ll get there eventually, but this is really annoying.


    The same problem occurs when I try to make a post with two links in it: the post gets stuck in limbo.

    And since it was the OP, the whole thread disappeared!


    @zebumper can you update this list with my PC-Man layout?

    Al exAl ex

    Done. 🙂




    Can somebody update this thread with my DooM layout?

    Al exAl ex

    Somebody just did. ? Thanks! ?

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 50 total)
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