Magic DosBox in a YouTube video by LGR

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    A quite popular YouTube channel called LGR has made a video about playing Commander Keen on an Android phone using a floppy disk and a physical keyboard. If you don’t know who he is and what kind of content he makes, he does various videos about old school computers, like building a PC and installing Windows 98 on it, restoring old PCs, reviewing all sorts of old hardware and software etc., and his latest video was about playing Commander Keen on his phone, using the best DosBox app out there – Magic Dosbox.
    Just thought I would post this here.
    LGR Video on YouTube

    Al ex

    Great find! ?
    It’s actually pretty neat to see how a floppy and an old keyboard just work on Android phones. ?


    Thank you very much, that’s really one of coolest videos in long time! 😀 Honestly, I am not sure about the “best DosBox app”, but I am happy that someone thinks that 🙂 Such things can kick a tired mind: D

    Al ex

    Lol, the modesty… ?
    Let’s put it this way: name a better Dosbox port than Magic Dosbox, if you can. Good luck. ?


    I totally agree with Al_ex. Be proud sir !

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