Leisure Suit Larry 6 (CD)

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    Hi !
    This is my layout for LSL6 CD version (Floppy will come). Takes me a lot of time to achieve but I’m pretty proud.
    On phones, without any modification, the game is small, dialogs are difficult to read. So I focused on this aspect.
    The result is that I cut in half the text window, so only 3 lines of dialog will be display. For me, just one or two time in the game text is cut, and I have to use the arrows to scroll and read it. I’m playing french version of the game, I hope that another languages will be the same… Because if texts are always cut, the game will be uncomfortable.
    Actions buttons are bigger, too, and I made an “item” button, a mouse reset button and a new menu. “Help” boutton in the menu is usefull to attach a guide/walkthrough in .html.
    And borders of the screen are easy to reach, even with big fingers 😉
    Enjoy 😉

    Made for Galaxy S7 edge

    Icons made by Lorc, Delapouite & contributors (http://game-icons.net/)

    LSL6CD (english menus)
    LSL6CD (menus en français)

    Screens :

    BEFORE (no layout – fullscreen mode)

    AFTER (fullscreen mode)

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