Keep key pressed until tapped upon again

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    Just moved from dosbox turbo to this Magic and the paid vesion and already impressed by the customization and great crashes reduction when playing LoLG. (Usually crashes are eiher by dosbox turbo’s conflict with its virtual keys/gamepad or DOS4GW memory related but I’ve tried replacing with DOS32a which doesnt work). So at least it crashes never because of the keys or the app itself that’s great!

    Is there a way to have a key widget e.g. L Shift that when tapped it remains pressed until tapped again? So that other controls can be used without pressing shift while doing the rest. The keyboard is kind of like that, though the shift gets unpressed when another character is pressed. It is better to have it pressed until you choose not to have it so.


    Hi Thank you.

    Yes, if I remeber well, “Key widget” has implemented “toggle” feature

    Al ex

    Yes, there’s a “Toggle” option if you scroll down a bit in the key widget settings. Just tested, it’s working. ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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