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    Even at 320×240 is still pretty damn laggy. Fps slowdowns… im pretty dissapointed with how bad it runs and im using the european S7 which is better since it has the faster exynos cpu and still its pretty damn bad.

    Al ex

    That’s weird, the S7 shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever. My S9+ can run the game fluently at 800×600, and the S7 Exynos isn’t much slower.

    Here’s a short video I just recorded on my phone: https://youtu.be/Y-tARzkeNyA
    Mind that there are some minor stutters in the video that were caused by the recording, the game runs even smoother.

    You should configure Magic Dosbox in Game Launcher, or even better, Game Tuner (if that’s still available for your phone) to run in performance mode.

    These are my settings:



    #valid cputypes (Ykhwong SVN):
    # a)auto
    # b)386
    # c)486
    # d)pentium
    # e)386_prefetch
    # f)pentium_mmx



    @duke32.exe You should read whole first post and follow instructions. Then all your questions about how it works will be answered.

    Btw, is very weird that your s7 is not capable run it blazingly fast on 320×200. I run duke on slower phones without issues.

    Please describe/post how you do setup and maybe we find what you do wrong


    I have added your settings on the expert mode and I dont see much of a change. By Game Tuner you mean the Game Launcher? i have the highest setting selected globally (prioritize performance)

    Maybe it has to do with the fact that this version of Duke 3d is asking for my .iso? im playing with the iso loaded, otherwise it doesnt let me play as it ask for the cd… weird. I have another duke3d.exe on my computer that doesnt ask for a cd, or maybe its because its not playing in dos mode? im not sure. Its the Atomic Edition. Can you test episode 4 level 1? its specially slow there.

    Also when I look at sprites like the fire animation, i can feel the lag. In episode 1 level 1, the fire sprite on the trash for instance.

    My 800×600 performance is an slideshow compared to your video.

    Al ex

    Something’s not right there. If your other games are working fine, it must have something to do with your game version. I don’t have the Atomic Edition, but an old CD version I purchased >20 years ago, that contains Life’s a Beach and Duke it Out in DC. It’s not asking me for the CD, btw.

    But the profile on this forum was made using the Atomic Edition, I think, so this shouldn’t be a problem. There haven’t been any changes to the game engine either that could cause such a slowdown. You should definitely try to get your hands on another copy.


    I also have the original CD with normal Duke 3d and DC + Caribean.. I will try later but its weird. And my favorite episode is episode 4… can you download the iso somewhere to test it yourself? i dont think trying it with my cd solve anything tbh.


    I realized i had the atomic edition on Steam under the “classic” folder, works without cd but still laggy. I cant play like this, i get slowdowns and it stutters. I get killed at the start of episode 3 because it lags once i jump off the roof. This sucks I wanted to play.


    Could you please go to “benchmark” section here on the forum and download test your device?


    I restarted my phone and arn it 3 times, i have this on my screen right now:

    timed 2134 gametics in 861 realtics
    Press any key to continue.


    Ive read the post and I still dont understand how can I make 8 act like a mouse for moving fordward/backward and strafing in an analog way instead of joystick

    I can feel how this is old dos mouse support btw lol. its not smooth compared with beloko but what can one do


    You only need follow SETUP.EXE instructions and import layout. And play

    Al ex

    Your benchmark result looks about right. If you still have troubles with performance, you can also export your profile, and post a dl link here, so we can take a loom at what’s inside.


    No, because your setup doesnt work the way I want to for strafing and forward/backward. Your setup the stick is like a joystick, its binary. It’s eiter move/don’t move, I want it to be analog. Like 2 playstation sticks, and I dont know how to do that.

    Have you played Doom with Delta Touch port? that is the idea.


    I imported admin’s profile so it should be the same


    Duke3d supports these controls:

    Keyboard and mouse
    Keyboard and joystick
    Keyboard and gamepad
    Keyboard and fligtstick

    + some others exotic

    This profile is made for keybord + mouse

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