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    Disney’s Aladdin on Wikipedia

    Layout for the wonderful Disney’s Aladdin on DOS (Virgin Interactive)
    Please note that screenshots was made on older version and that I’m too lazy to redo and reupload them… The only change with the version you will download is that the position of the Apple Counter (top right) and the Jewel Counter (bottom right) have been inverted. Nothing more. Take this in consideration when watching at the screenshots XD
    This layout need the version 81 or + of magicdosbox app. and has been made on and for Samsung S7 edge (16/9 ratio I guess)

    Swipe from up to down: show/hide the score
    Swipe from down to up: enables/disables screen resizing
    Swipe from left to right: change buttons opacity (50% or 100%)
    Swipe from right to left: enables/disables the layout

    Tap up center of the screen: pause game
    Tap up right of the screen: esc. button
    Tap up left of the screen (genius’s head): cheat screen

    A : use sword
    B : jump
    Y : launch an apple
    D-pad : move

    Thanks to the new Pixel Trap function, the layer could change depending on the current menu/situation.

    more screen
    With score enabled

    Cheat screen (read instructions at the end of this post)

    As reminder, here is a screenshot without the layout, just for comparaison :
    no layout screen

    In order to have access to the cheat menu, two small steps are necessary…
    1.after choosing to start the game, tap on Jasmine’s portrait
    2.on the screen showing the name of the level, rub the magic lamp…
    If these two instructions have been followed exactly, you should see the following message: “Cheat Mode Activated”
    You can now click on the genie’s head at the top left to bring up the cheat menu.

    Download (version 1.0) .mgc
    Download (version 1.1 ).mgc

    v1.1 : you can now use filters in game + some minor fixes
    v1.0 : first release

    Al exAl ex

    “Rub the magic lamp”!? That’s hilarious, thank you very much! ??


    This absolutely awesome. And the details you did to make the cheat active shows your dedication.
    Thank you very much!


    This is so robust and polished! I’ve been considering learning to edit the xml myself, in addition to using MDB’s edit mode. Is that what you’re doing?

    Al exAl ex

    You can do all this stuff from within Magic Dosbox, though it’s sometimes way quicker and easier to edit the xml files, if you know what you’re doing.


    I almost never directly edit the xml, because it’s not easy to do on phone. But xml files aren’t difficult to understand.
    At this moment, all the layout I share here are 100% made inside MD, on my phone


    I ma playing 🙂


    just a little update (version 1.1). I change the main game screen to use resized screen instead of telescope to be able to use filters in game

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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