Another Q: early 3D games

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    So I’m back with another annoying question. Would a game like say Simcopter run?

    The closest I have seem to have gotten is loading the level before it crashed. A limitation of MDB or maybe the iso?

    Al ex

    Does it work in Windows Dosbox? Also, have you tried different core and cputype options?

    Edit: forget about the core & cputype. I just saw it’s a Win9x game. Try toggling SVN core in the game profile settings.


    Ive tried 8-10 early 3d games like Dark Forces 2 and on my s7 exynos I cant reach 10 fps on any game :/ and I dont think its just a matter of soc speed… dosbox is pushed to its limits when emulating windows+games.

    Al ex

    It is. You obviously need an insane amount of cpu power to make 3D games playable.
    The S7 Exynos is about as fast as a 2nd/3rd gen Core i5 (!), according to Geekbench. And for some reason, it’s performing parricularly well when running Dosbox compared to other chipsets. But it still has its limits.


    I tried simcopter a few months ago. Don’t run on s7 edge 🙂
    Forget the win9x 3d games they ‘re at best too slow.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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