Reply To: Show current cycles on screen


It would be nice if that feature could be implemented in a future update, since it would greatly help adjusting performance in custom cycles mode.

I’m currently running MagicDOSbox on a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE snd performance is very good. I have no issues with having not enough power for running a game smoothly. In fact more the opposite is the case where I need to limit cycles in order my battery usage is reduced to the minimum I need.

I’m running Master of Orion 2 and Panzer General on a fixed amount of 45000 cycles each and have a battery usage of 1% every 7 minutes, so 10% in about 1 hour, which is really good.

Currently I want to run C&C Tiberian Dawn and on automatic performance adjustment mode with audio SB16 the game runs super smooth but the phone consumes quite some more battery than Master of Orion 2 and Panzer General on 45000 cycles and the phone is getting warm pretty quickly (on the former two games it isn’t getting really warm), but I have no idea in what range the cycles are running for C&C.